Mostly ✨i n a c t i v e✨

Wattpad honestly broke me.. don't expect too much activity.

You're local 💜🖤🤍Pastel Goth🤍🖤💖

Age: Idk, you guess, I'm a high schooler

Birthday: December 27th, [Insert year here]

Pronouns: She/They

Sexuality: The gayest bi currently 85% gay if you're not a short haired lesbian I. don't. want. it.
Call me picky but 🖤goth🖤 would also be nice.

Relationships: I want short haired goth lesbian gf obviously 🙄 ^


• Test told me I was a chaotic femme
• Goth and butch lesbians make me go 🥵
• Introvert
• pagan
• Fuck needles/injections. Claustrophobic. Pls don't put me at a party?
• 2018 said depression for me, but no one expected 2020 to say- did it need to say anything?
• I have trichotillomania (look it up)
• My neighbors are convinced that I have Tourette's (which is funny to hear because I certainly don't) just adhd. Idk I just find that funny. I probably scare them.
• I like to be nice to people who are nice to me. I'll attack anyone who's promoting self harm or attention seeking. You don't post that shit online.


Beep Buroop Bee Boop!"
- Anonymous 5/15/19

"Flamethrowers can solve every problem."
- @Fitzbruh

"Get the flamethrower, Shannon. We have a new mission to take care of."
- Me :P

(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎


If you're a fujoshi or a SJW...



UFPES (Ultimate Fujoshi Prevention and Eradication Squad):
(These are my bros don't touch em)
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