Hey, Awesome Author . I have read 'Rising up from Ruin' 10 times but can't get enough of it. So, I wanted to know if you would give me your permission to make a BTS version of it. Just remember that you are a great author, I LOVE your book and If you say no I will not do it. Love you


Hey lovely...
          You're the best...I send massage in privte..Can I traslate malik student to persian?
          YOU're not here for long time...
          I want start it plz forgive me angel.


Hi!!) I really, really, really like all of your stories - they're just amazing!
          I was wondering if I could translate some of them, like one-shots and 'rising up from ruin' into Russian)


Hi!! I just wanna let you know that you are one of my fave ziam authors. Hope you are doing great! And congrats to your 13k followers!! ❤


Hey, I'm really in love in your ff 'urban ink' and I'd like to share it with Poland, could I translate it, please?