So now that school is out I no longer have a exuse to be on my computer for long periods of time ;-; so updates will be slowed down... BUT DO NOT ASK WHEN THE NEXT UPLOAD WILL BE! I promise I am trying my best and I will get them out as soon as possible!
I did not draw my background/profile picture. I just put my account name on my profile picture just incase some1 found this online and decided to look my name up.

This isn't a dating website so don't bother asking me if we can date.

Some things you can know about me:
I am depressed
I am semi emo
I'm am weird at times
I do body stitches. Yes it's safe as long as you do it right which I do!!! No it's not self harm it helps with my depression.
I don't like most people but I am kind to all depending on my mood
I can be short tempered
I like anime and drawing
I love yaoi and yuri
I write whatever I want whenever I want
I am a shipper
I like all music
I don't do any family x family and sometimes teacher x student (depending on the ship)
Top 5 animes currently:
Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun
Beyblade Burst
Tokyo Ghoul

Also I don't follow many people, but if I do follow you it means I have a deep respect for you and that you are an amazing writer. UwU

oki that is all you need 2 know about me ^w^

Since I can't add all my links in the thing below I will post my extra links here:

The one in the box below is the most important link of all.
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He Pushed me too Far...(A Villain...
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