((MAIN ACC @AngryGayPomeranian))

An impossibly gigantic ash-furred wolf lounged atop a fallen log, it's beady red eyes scanning you. It stood, it's huge form looming over yours. The creature bared his fangs, snarling. In a sudden burst of bright light, there stood a tall, built, blonde male. His hair was just as spiky and unkempt as his animalistic personality, and he looked furious. A pair of fluffy ears and a large bushy tail adorned him. He neared you, his ruby orbs piercing with rage. "Who the fuck are you.." he gruffed, his palms clenched by his sides.

Name: *Growl* (Katsuki Bakugo)

Age: Fuck you! (16)

Species: None of your business! (Werewolf)

Height: Kill yourself! (172 cm)

Pronouns: Tired of your shit.. (he/him)

Birthday: Get lost.. (4/20)

Blood type: Die! (A)

Quirk: I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU! (Explosion)

Sexuality: Leave me alone! (Pansexual)



•Human• Human but with highly sensitive ears and tail

•In between• Human but with some wolf features (varies)

•Anthro• Standard werewolf; standing on two legs like a human, but still a full wolf

•Wolf• Gigantic blonde wolf, about twice the size and stats of a regular wolf

•Pup• Smol wolf pup

  • Claiming you as his own
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