this message may be offensive
people! Listen this clearly 
          	My Nutella (Voldiesmoonxx) doesn't have any relation with Alia! He isn't the one who has exposed Alia and dare u even try to think to harm him, hurt him and again bury him in the pool of guilt! I swear to god I won't take a breathe before kicking you out of watty, I swear u will live a life like hell 
          	Get that fucking thing, he doesn't have any Relation with Alia nor he is involved in the matter of exposing  Alia! So dare u try even think of blaming him then tch, i don't need to repeat my words
          	 (Anastasia_xx) My dear cutie pie is also not the one who revealed Alia,  nor she has any relation nor she is a part of exposing Alia! I will break your bones and throw them in dustbin, tch! dogs won't like licking your bitchy bones!
          	People fix this in your brain! 
          	They. Aren't. Involved. In. This 
          	Make it clear to yourself! I will bury you alive or just break your bones! 
          	people fix this in your brain! 
          	Istg i will just bury you alive if i see you guys bashing around their accounts! 
          	Mind it, idc


@-lavender_rays @Scftglow @Angelic_Ayesha 
          	  okay he have nothing to do with this matter
          	  And yes if anyone said something about him then kindly send them to me you don't have to worry and about alia friends who faught last time for her they know so they will not take any action if they did I will handle them
          	  You don't have to worry i have did this so i will handle it too
          	  Thanku ❤️


          I am a writer and have been trying to get my work around and am currently working on a book which has like 20 chapters published. But its really hard for me to garner attention towards it as its not a love story. Its a new take on a upper middle class girl's life. I hope you will give it a try.
          Thanking you


Don't be afraid to dream big.  Don't be afraid to take chances.  Don't be afraid to be yourself.  You are unique, special, and wonderful, just the way you are.  Don't be afraid to take a risk, because sometimes the greatest rewards come from taking a chance.  Don't be afraid to fail, because failure is just a stepping stone on the road to success.  Don't be afraid to be different, because your differences are what make you special.


Ik you won't even read this 
          But I just hope you get my message some how
          Happy Birthday dearest , Ik strating ke teenage years are quite difficult,bu I also know ki tu kar legi 
          Jabhi padhegi tab MSG kardena 
          I wish you all the best for your future and I just hope hum kabhi mile 
          Dreams ki taraf se bhi HBD , bandi jor laga ke padhri hai isliye no socials haha but she wishes the best for you too 
          Aur I'm waiting for you ,always!
          Love you.