All foods before dudes!
I read.
I write.
I fangirl.
I also breathe sometimes.
I have the temper of satan on a period so don't bother... also, I'm lethal. Don't make fun of me because I'm short, I can cut your legs off quicker than my phone battery when It's about to run out!
I have a non-blood related, telepathic twin and black is my happy colour, I love music, and I hate sport... actually, saying that I hate sport would be an understatement! I despise it!
Exercise kills me! I Die!
I am very annoying ( 1000% added by my twin) and I get distracted painfully easily.
I LOVE food! Skittles, pizza, nutella and lasagna are my favourite. If you take away my food, I will not hesitate to hit you with my glass jar of nutella and destroy you with the rainbow before making you eat the moldy crust off of my 2 week old half-eaten pizza from the back of the fridge!!! Nah, that would just be a waste! I would probably just give you a high five.
In the face.
With a chair.
Social is something I am most definitely not. I am a magnet to embarrassment and Awkward is my middle name.
Completely insane? Yes.
Do stupid things all the time? Check.
Laugh a lot? Yes.
Smile a lot? Yes.
Make really bad puns? Definitely.
I try to cook, and fail miserably every time. I cant cook! I literally burnt cornflakes! Who does that?!?! Not even if my life depended on it, could I cook.
You should all follow me because I'm a amazing person and I LOVE talking. Not that that makes any difference, but...
I don't like wearing dresses, skirts or anything pink. I am very sick- minded and laugh at random things and thoughts.
I am the most strange, annoying, lazy, confusing, deafening, distracting, crazy, stupid, hungry, reckless, vexing, fun, weird, hilarious, short, confused, unique, sloppy, tom-boyish, clumsy, random, childish, amazing, unsocial, disturbed, oblivious girl in the whole world!
If you are reading this message me 3 sentences of your favourite song.
Have I missed anything?
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