" You may have heard of me, you may not have. Either way I don't give a damn. I'm here for one reason, and one reason alone. Long story short, my previous host, Jeffrey Woods, now dead, had made a blood bound contract with me. My only job here is to protect his Beloved. Alyx Woods. Though. I suppose, now that he's dead she just might go back to Freeman. Either way. Its the same person. If you get in her or my way I will not hesitate to impale you on my sword and pin you to a wall to alive to bleed out slowly. My job is to protect her and that is it. Let me get this straight. I do not care about anyone. I don't give a fuck if you live in pain for sixty seven years. I don't give a fuck if you get raped multiple times. I could just fucking care less. I feed off of souls. It is my life source and nutrition, hence the reason they sometimes call me a leech."

Name: Amherst
Age: older than you wish to know.
species: Demon Innocent/ Fallen Angel
Gender: Male
weaponry: Five foot long double edged great sword, throwing knives, and steele balled whips.
Powers: feeds off of souls. Given any chance he can get, will latch onto your soul and leech off of it. can heal wounds and regenerate others limbs with his blood, which, after leaving his body, turns into a thick black mist. It burns like a motherfucker and is very acidic.
Currently protecting: @ShadowCatQueen
Sexuality: really? Haha. You have two feet and a heart beat? Sure I'll screw you~.
Height: 6'8
Weight: 210lb
Appearance: tall, very muscular and toned. Black hair, obsidian black eyes. His looks are purposely appealing to most. Two large grey feathered wings on his back, when completely outstretched, reaching a massive length of almost twelve feet in length per wing. The longest feathers in his wings are razor sharp. When not In armor, he wears only black jeans.
Attitude: Complete asshole. Very commanding. dominant. could care less in the world for anything at all.
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