"A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I want to connect the pieces together. Yours, and Mine."
-Sora, Kingdom Hearts 2
"You know how you were talking the other day about how we all have pasts? When I sit here with you guys, it's weird... I get the strangest feeling."
-Xion, 358/2 Days
"Power is born within the heart. When the time is right, you just need to look inside yourself- and you'll find it there."
-Aqua, Birth By Sleep
Hi, I'm Amelia Sakuraba. I'm a tech junkie, Info Broker on Nate info, and a self-proclaimed writer. AND I REALLY like music, anime, and Video Games.
I'm in a love triangle with C++ and Java
JK I'm in love with a real person
I'm The World Ends With You trash
The blood is pink
The oil is blue
Post this on your profile if you're Danganronpa trash too
Don't cross me unless you want your internet history to be shown to the World Wide Web ;)

Have a Nice Day! BAM!
I'm Xinnae, Amelia's Nobody.
Karma is MINE, So is Nagisa.
Amelia's Party Members:
Official Mystic Messenger trash...
You say cape, we say glasses.
You say super powers, we say a green guitar.
You say 'All about the Bass', we say 'Spinnin' Round that Base'.
You say 'Counting Stars', we say 'Training Hard'.
You say '22', we say 'Pikachu'.
You say 'Demons', we say 'Dragons'.
You say 'Charge', we say 'RELEASE THE KHRP!'
You say Superman, we say NateWantsToBattle.
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