Hey everyone! The first three chapters of my NA contemporary romance, Derailed, are up. More to come soon :)


crvtvybunucrvy I was just about to go back to reading the Crescent Chronicles on my Kindle when I stumbled upon Flight on here. I was so surprised I practically screamed-


Ok so, I've not started the story yet but reading the "about the story" I'm already in love with the writer


Hello! Please check out my new story Just One Reason. It is a teen fiction :) Thank you so much  Votes are appreciated, and I don’t mind comments ☺️ Chapter 2 out now!! Is ranked #51 in coach. Chapter 3 coming out soon 


Hi!! I just wanted to say how much I love your book The Hazards of Skinny Dipping! It definitely wasn’t the book I’ve expected as it turned out to be so so much better than what I expected. I love the characters so much and how the plot was well written. 


@SangriaaaPrice I am so glad you enjoyed it!


I read all of these years ago. I bought or got free on Google books. All were indeed great books and loved them all. I think I might read them all over again.