🦊 Dear Readers 🦊

For now on this Account will ONLY contain Stories (that I REALLY love so much and quite attached to) of my choosing. Fanmade ones that are based on Movies, Books or Games.

Stories I'll definitely see myself writing from the beginning to the end and will NOT give up on them until they are completed. No matter how long it takes I'll get it done at my own pace.

However, I cannot guarantee that the Plots and Timelines will follow the Originals as it most likely clashes with the Ideas that I have in mind for my Stories.

So I'll appreciate if you Guys be prepared to have your minds wide open and blank just a little bit before you read any of my Stories. They're going to be one hell of an adventure!!

PLEASE be aware that I have actually spent HOURS researching and absorbing A LOT of Information about their Histories to make sure that my Stories is as accurate as possible.

As well as having my own Ideas into the mix and yes it's going to change A LOT of Information along the way. But at the end of the Day, I'm the one who is writing them so there.

Got ANY Problems with the way I write these Stories then don't read them!! It's as simple as that!! You got a choice!! I'm NOT forcing you to read them!!

There is NO need for you to give me Comments like:
"That's not right!!"
"Actually, he is.........."
"Isn't she meant to be.........."
And so on.

Look People..........I KNOW what I'm writing may not be completely accurate with the whole "Lore" thing and the Characters relationships but again I'm rewriting the Stories MY way.

Thank you!!
And have a wonderful Day/Night!!
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