** Life is beautiful when you stay positive. 

Hellooo...and welcome to my page!!

** About me...

* I am the T in the LGBTQ

* I am my own nightmare. The monster under my bed.

* I love writing, it calms me.

* Fun to be with.

* Love meeting people and making loads of positive friends.

* Love reading a lot, in fact, I can basically read my life away.

* I don't know if anyone would find my book interesting or not, but I'm going to share them anyways.

* Love to travel a whole lot when I can afford them. Haha...

* Hate fake people.

* I have loads of books on my table and I am going to try sharing as much as I can...

More about me...
* Writing.

* Dancing.

* Reading.

* Talking.

* Pets, O! I love those fur babies.

* Traveling.

* Love!Love!!Love!!!!.


This is my Backup account for @Alphakelly

******Books Titles:******

Completed Books:
To Love A Brother. √

Masters And Slaves. √

The King's Lover. √

Cheaters Not Sinners. √

He's A Man And He Is Mine. √

MAD. √

Snatched My Heart. √

Ongoing: Watched.


OnHold: Rhys Is Fading.


You can also find my books on Webnovel and Inkitt.

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