Again I am sorry about not updating, know that I'm working on them in a word document so when I get the chance I will be updating, as for right now I haven't worked on spideypool yet so while I'm on this cell phone in gonna try to get that updated and out of the way.


May i ask why you didnt update the spideypool fanfic? You kinda left it hanging. I just wanted to ask if you dont mind


Sorry if I’m bothering you or anything but I saw that you haven’t updated the sipidypool book in about 2 years if I may ask is it ok if you continue it or give an update that you are not continueing it or on a  hiatus at the moment and just need a break from writing thank you and sorry again if I bothered your free time


Hey so I read you Spideypool (14/10 btw! Favorite one I’ve ever read) and I was like “wow, this authors writing is really well done and I want to read more” so I began reading “for the love of the devil”. Lemme just tell you, it only has 2 chapters but I. Fell. In. Love. 
          It was awesome and interesting and I hope you decide to continue it!


I don't wanna seem like one of those crazy bothersome fans that got you to delete the story in the first place, but do you think you'd start re-writing that merman story sometime again in the future? It was so unique to other aquatic stories


@SnowFire313  I've been thinking about coughing it back up. I've written that story seven times now, all very different version. Dylan and Astrid have had so many different names and appearances and the story has gone so many different directions I'm not quite sure what to do with it now. I can't seem to write that story in a fashion I like, so every time I just shelve it for a while until I get inspiration.