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I just finished your book "Sugar Mommy'' and it really deserves a book two. (or is there already one?) And I'm re reading it, it's so great!


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So I skipped the last few chapters of your book and went to the epilogue because last time I read was months ago but from what I can remember when reading this book before was that it WAS GREAT. It was definitely a pleasure reading this book. I took a break from reading it because it got a little boring with the Christmas or Birthday shit (the last few chapters, from what I can remember definitely way after the Timmy and the mc sharing the kiss with velvet cake involve) I can't remember but it's still great even though the procrastination of reading this book got the better of me. I was on a roll as I read this book! When I get into books, I don't stop until I finish it. 10/10 would see this make a great original story tho! 


Hi I ran across your Shawn Mendes books and I absolutely loved them you are such an amazing writer and I hope you will finish the Stockholm Syndrome.