@FairyTailDemon :o really? You'll read it? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! :D I'm soo happy I have another supporter other than Nee chan c:


@AllOfTheUnicorns no problem and I support anyone who needs it


Rest in peace Layla, I know how it feels to loose someone important to you, may your soul rest forever in peace.


RIP. I know she will live on in the hearts of her family members, friends, and all of the people who have read her book. best wishes to allofthelittlepeople.


I am quite sure that you don't want pity So I m not going to say "I feel so bad for you. I hope that you are okay." instead I'm going to say this. I'm sad that Layla has died she was a great writer and sounded like a great person. whatever you do don't take anything to the extreme. R.I.P. Layla, your mom, your dad.


I am Very Sorry for your loss. I Hope that you are staying with a close friend or a relative. Just stay Strong ok? Don't worry They are watching over you so Don't forget that. You still have your Friends to comfort you, like Us here in Wattpad, even of we are not there to comfort you in person at least remember that we can always talk here. 
          Remember that ok


R.I.P Layla. This is for AllOfTheLittlePeople: I'm so sorry u lost ur family,I can't even imagine losing one of my brothers let alone losing my whole family but u still have a family on wattpad. We love u and we wish u the best.