Fatima Malik              
Not a writer (maybe in the future?), just enjoy reading.
TaeJin and LuWoo are life I swear.
Bangtan Sonyeondan and Taylor Swift.
Zayn Malik, Iggy Azalea, James Blunt, McFly and Rihanna.
Red Velvet, DAY6, TXT, The Rose, Stray Kids, NCT, VAV, Mamamoo, A.C.E, TWICE, Oneus, Ateez and SF9.
Sumni, Taemin, BOL4 and KARD.
Gigi Hadid, Dylan O'Brien, Christiano Ronaldo, Thomas Gibson and Andrew Lincoln.

I speak French, English and Spanish (Just a little).
I'm learning Japanese, Korean and Chinese too.

Duhh stan BTS, Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik, Red Velvet, A.C.E and DAY6 for clear skin.
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