Asadora (n.): The character who dies in everyone's story after being a ray of freaking adorable sunshine.

I'm a gamer-geek-grrl, bookworm, creator of characters and worlds and inappropriately animated furniture. I am consistently late for work. I still roleplay and have fun with table-top games.

You know how people like to play games in worlds where they get to be whatever they want to be? Someone's got to script and build those worlds. Someone also has to make the inappropriately animated furniture. You'd be surprised. It's a decent living.

I enjoy reading high fantasy, epic tales of bravery and deception, stories about creatures that don't exist, and half-naked women and half-naked men in all situations. I'm an unashamed erotica reader. My hubby and his best friend read some of what's in my browser history and laugh. Then they fall for the characters.

Oh. Right. That wasn't supposed to go in my profile.

Obviously, I'm a Game Of Thrones fan.

I enjoy reading all sorts of stuff. Fantasy, historical (especially medieval stuff), mystery, paranormal, suspense, vampires, werewolves, dragons, and things that shock the sensibilities of well-adjusted people.

I love people but I'm bad with keeping in touch on social media. If I ignored you, I was probably reading.

I lack whatever it is makes people enjoy the tale of two high school kids falling in love over ice cream. I know, I'm dead inside.

Hmm. That might be a decent book.

Married to @NefariousNephilim . He's my partner in crime, love, rock, and bringer of breakfast in bed since 2017. He's also the amazing 3D artist who makes my themes. He's partially responsible for the one year old who loves crushing Cheerios in the carpet.

Devoted fan of @JadedElegance and @chantillylacedreams.

We recently made @Lavender_Queen_ part of our quirky world. Be gentle.

An elderly married geek grrl who likes wine, books, sex, violence, and computers. Also, Elves. That's me. Adorably Asadora.

P.S. Please don't kill me.
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@NefariousNephilim and myself have met a lot of wonderful people in our time online as programmers, writers, roleplayers, and everything else geeky and fun. One of those people was a kind and thought...
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