Definitely not on hiatus or anything nahhhh

It's Leo. Just Leo.

iWouldn't even be surprised if you randomly yelled, "husband", at me. I've been be-husbanded by so many people- that it's ridiculous. I'm like King Swahili, many wives, very survives, much lies.

I'm buysexual.
You buy me things, I become sexual.

My dictionary consists of: mm, ok, and sorry. Oh and beer. Never forget the beer.

If I'm not there it's probably because there isn't enough lust, I read TFIOS and I was so disappointed, dude only scored once throughout the whole book. He was dying ffs.

If I'm not there it's also because it's too deep for me,
...not that kind of depth but I like the way you think.

This Australeon, Pokemon loving, vegemite bragging, could be dirty could be clean- depends how you like it, is full of surprises. Again, I like your way of thinking but not like that. :D

Leo: "sometimes I worry that I sound too strict when I use fullstops."
Me: "No, it's just weird since you don't actually use capital letters."
Leo: "haha, true."

Stranger's guide to Leo:
- Beer.
- Vegemite *gag*
- Appropriate use of "mate" if you want in, in his Aussie squad.
- Aussie terms
- Leo puns. Lots of them.

Disclaimer: Violeonce isn't toleorated.

Written by kiwiangaroo partner: @iCrazy_Kuku


If you didn't know already, I have a lovely slave *cough* EDITOR. He's definitely an editor. Yeah. Call him Lotion. He's amazing.

Stalk him on 3DS:


Shoutouts to:

Kiwi - @iCrazy_Kuku Wrote the main part of my bio
Anton - @AntonViBritannia Babeeee <3
Ethan - @schoky Some kid who's (not) amazing.
Shiv - @sarcastic_shivi Horrible at Pokemon. I'm talking couldn't beat a 10 year old horrible.
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