Hello! I am Absolei! How are you today? I hope you're doing well. It's okay if you aren't though. No one feels happy all the time, and they shouldn't have to feel like they need to pretend. I'll help you as much as I am able! Have a blessed week, you absolutely lovely humans! You matter so much, you have no idea... I wish so many blessings upon you, and I know you deserve each and every one of them, and you should too. Stay alive, and enjoy life while you can. It doesn't last forever, you know! Remember to practice self love and care! You aren't a machine, so don't treat yourself like one.

If you by chance need someone to talk to, I am, and always will be, here. You can private message me! Everything we talk about will be confidential. Though remember, I am no therapist! You should get help if you really need it.

A little tidbit of information about me is that I LOVE a good book! You'll probably find me wading deep into the dark and treacherous waters of a new novel. I read mostly fantasy, but anything with grammar that is at least readable. (Knowing the basics of spelling, using capitalization, and how to use at least SOME punctuation is an absolute must.) a consensual relationship, and a story with a happy ending. I don't even mind a few no-no times in romances, or drama and sadness in between. I thrive on new ships and love old ones too, of course! If you have any recommendations, please contact me! I may not get to it for a while, (I only have so much time in a night.) but I really do appreciate it! If I enjoy it enough, which there is not a single doubt in my mind that I will not, I will add it to my reading list.
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Merry Christmas, you lovely, perfect folks! <3
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