(kim taehyung)

❲ ✥ ❳ a famous korean
youtuber with
over 25,696,906
subscribers, he plays
video games, wii, vr
or anything he finds
interesting, he's mostly
inlove with horror games.
taehyung does song and
dance covers
mostly the choreos of
his hyung, hoseok
or jimin.
he, too, is a vlogger who
travels all around the world.
he's good friends with the
famous felix, marzia, ken
and mark, he sometimes
does collabs with them
or just hang out
with them
but, he's looking forward
to find new friends.

✾ (literate because i can get boring when it comes to ill, sorry ))")
❲•❳ matured¡

✦ scenes are very much appreciated.
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