Decided to post chapter 2 of “Take Me Home.” because i can.


Hello! I hope you're doing well. I have recently started and even completed your story 'Anna and her 6 brothers' I have really enjoyed reading your story and I appreciate the way you describe the scenes . I myself is an elder child but I always envy those who have elder BROTHERS!! and this makes me like this story more. Please consider it as my very humble request to update the further chapters I am eagerly looking forward for the new chapters .
          - Reader.


Please update take me home and let Alissa have a go at her father and tell him where he should stick his rules and say she is a foster and not a Russo and then leave her father's house and stay in an hotel and let her father worry about her and he doesn't find her for at least a week 


Can you please update take me home plus I would like it if you could let Alissa have more attitude towards her father and make sure it hurts him because of how he left her and her mother to live in dumb and had to fight for the things they have and him and her brothers lived the rich live please