@bubbles0 Aww, thanks so much, dear! That really means a lot to us. xx
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Omg please update I'm absolutely in love with this story


Ok, first of all, Panda Bears are amazing. and one direction is amazing. Therfore, you guys are amazing.I love 'Was it just a Summer Fling?' I am checking out all of yall's other fanfics on your other accounts too. You guys are awesome writers and really inspire me. Even though I may not be as popular as you guys, can you please check out my fanfics if you have the time? It would really mean the world to me. And can you follow back please?


omg I'm lyk such a byug phan. lol anyway I like the book. I've been waiting 3 months. and yeah pooie. 


omg i luv pandas and one direction!!!!!!!! x


Hey i write stuff about one direction if you add me the comment/ send your name and one of the boys names i will write a story for you about them :) thanks i appreciate it 


Ohmygosh!!! Please update!!! I'm inlove with this story and i'm sure that other people are too:)) Nikki and Liz, you two are great writers!! I just really hope you could update already!!! Hey Liz!! Let's throw a mini tantrum about haylor:)) you in? Okay,lol:) i'm wierd, I know :)) PLEASE UPDATE!!! May you please fan me? Thanks! It means a lot!!! Mwah! :**


Hello, babes! I was wondering if you could check out my fanfiction 'Not Love At First Sight'? If you can, that would be great! Also, its a harry styles fanfic. Thank you(: