I'm a HUGE simp for Katsuki Bakugou.

Chat Noir is a beautiful boy, and deserves so much happiness in his life. He has lived such a hard life with everything about his father, mother, having Ladybug reject him all the time, and being isolated from everyone and almost everything. His father doesn't even treat him like a son, more like a co worker. Paris barely acknowledges him, and all they care about is Ladybug. Nobody sees them as partners, only thinking of Chat as a sidekick that doesn't matter. Which is not true at all. People should see them as equals. Ladybug takes all of the glory, when in reality, she wouldn't be able to beat akumatized people without him. He is a lot stronger than her too. He sacrifices himself for her, and she doesn't do the same for him. Can't she see that he loves her, and every time she rejects him, it breaks his heart? If they reveal their identities to each other, I can tell that their relationship wouldn't work out. Marinette would only love Adrien, not Chat. Adrien feels like he can only be his true self as Chat Noir, so this person Marinette fell in love with, isn't actually fully him. He has never done anything wrong and is a great person, yet Ladybug still hasn't seen that, and continuously breaks his heart. Everything is slowly starting to break Adrien. The only people who seems to actually care about his wellbeing is Plagg and all of the Chat Noir fans. (I am one)
#Chatneedsmorerespect #Adriendeservestheworld

I know nobody cares but I'm still putting this.

Ships I love-
Todoroki x Bakugou
Bakugou x Kaminari
Bakugou x Dabi
Bakugou x Aizawa
Bakugou x Shinso
Bakugou x Shindo
Sasuke x Naruto
Lightning x Hope
Lightning x Noctis
Lightning x Cloud
Prompto x Noctis

Ships I like-
Bakugou x Monoma
Bakugou x Shigaraki
Bakugou x Iida
Kakashi x Naruto
Lightning x Snow
Lightning x Caius
Cloud x Tifa
Adrien x (human) Plagg
Adrien x Luka
Prompto x Gladio

Don't judge my ships!
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