a huge thank you to @xoxaria for surprising me with a new cover for Who We Were <3


I miss you soooooooo muuuuuuuchhhhhh


hi how are you?


Noelle, I miss you so much. *cries*
          I hope you're doing alright.


Hello my dear Lucy! 
          I know it’s been a looonnggg while, but i miss you dearly. I’m not sure where you’ve been or how you’re doing, but I’m praying for you and I hope that you’re doing okay! I really do mean that. 
          ¡Te quiero muchísimo!
          - Awry <3


Haven't been here in a while but I just wanted to say "Hey!" :) :)
          And I can't believe you were my first follower that long ago... Remember when we did that snowman song from Frozen in the comments? lol ;)


I miss you more than you know <333


          Just because life isn't fair, doesn't mean it isn't good. 
          -> unknown


Miss you, Noelle...Hope you're doing well! .


I have a challenge for you!
          Without any explanation, send at least one bible verse to a friend who you think needs to hear God's word today (or tonight, depending on where you are from). I know at least some of us have friends who aren't as close to Christ as we are, and why we can't force anyone upon them, we can share a little bit of His word without being pushy. Share with them a little bit of His love, and let God help them figure out the rest (:
          I can't wait to see how much love gets spread today!!! ❤
          God bless you, and I hope you have a blessed day!