// AAAAA i really need to stop abandoning this haha
          	cb , or drop things ? i dearly miss my boy < 3


(  spam bc why not )
          Dear Tony   , If you're reading this letter then something bad has happened,  I've probably been an idiot again.  I just want you to know that I love you..and I always will till the end of line.  


[ @brooklynfistycuffs ID : STEVE ]
            *  tony is silent , staring down at the letter grasped in trembling hands . he swallows to find his voice  *  steve , steve , steve . . .
            // YAY


// hello all !! been a bit haha
          unfortunately i ' m not doing the greatest right now ( don ' t worry , just some little life stuff ) so if you all could drop things here , and on my loki account , @-icyheirs , that would be greatly appreciated : )) or you can cb + a mood and i ' ll get to it as soon as i can < 33


dropping like asked ((:   ##
            `   —  hypothetically  . anyways open your present !!  I had to ask like  ten people on what to get you  , other then something thats math  related that is .  `  the boy pushed over a bag with pink and yellow balloons plastered all over it .