chapter two of precious is up :) sorry for the terribly long wait


sending love you you anyways, even tho I'm not featured on the list *insert eyes emoji*


Gasp did you just call me loser NICELY? Anyway I love you too angel :’) you best not forget that either or we’re gonna have to sit and talk


this message may be offensive
Can you please make more stories about taehyung more like the "my type" concept, i really LOVE the concept about education without no reason at all, lol. I'm a dumbass but education + taehyung fanfic makes me fall inlove with education tbh, not only that my type is the best u have ever wrote for me. I really really love it!


Thank you so much Tee T^T it’s 100% fine bubs idm, and thank you thank you THANK YOU for being such an awesome, admirable and kind friend! Ilyt <333


Tee WattCrap didn’t give me a notif for your message >:( 
          Anyway I love you more and if you want to challenge that show up at my door, then maybe I’ll let you win ❤️✨


Also ari shows up on my mb bc I’m superior ofc