❛ never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself at night. 

for a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen : a gaseus nebula must collapse. so collapse. crumble. this is not your destruction. this is your birth.

ps. i hope you feel beautiful today ❜



currently reading all the young dudes, the BEST FANFICTION SHE HAS EVER READ. IT'S SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN.

remus lupin, sirius black, james potter, george weasley, hermione granger/emma watson, jim halpert, stiles stilinski, seth cohen, and a young tom welling may have her heart lol. as you can probably already tell, she has a hard time picking favorites and falls in love a little too fast and a little too easily.

in love with remus + the marauders, stiles stilinski and many of the hogwarts boys and girls, like the weasley twins, cedric, hermione, luna, & neville. the tv shows the office, teen wolf and smallville are a large part of her life. she wants to move to a small town and live on a farm when she's older and meet a nice farm boy like clark kent, or find a cute dork like seth cohen or stiles stilinski or a cutie like john b. she needs a nice guy who will love her bc she's sad all the time now.

she often wonders how she's supposed to find her soulmate while stuck in a quarantined city.

beth spends almost all of her free time reading marauders fics. she adores anything all the young dudes, louis partridge, harry potter, teen wolf, smallville & clark kent related, as well as her best friend lydia. every month, she and her mom binge watch the harry potter movies together. she would literally not make it through life if it weren't for the beautiful & sweet lydia, who brightens beth's world everyday.

best friend who is perfect & beautiful who i honestly don't deserve !!! - lydia ( @Jells_ )
^ hurt her, i hurt you :)

joint account : @-midnightskies-
second account : @-atethegrape
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ben barnes as the darkling. that whole cast. perfection. i can die peacefully nowI LOVE IT
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