Hey everyone!! This is an important message to tell you that this account have a new owner. My name is aliya, i’am (or I was..) regina’s close friend. She told me to take care of her account for idk which reason. I don’t have any news about her since few days.. i’m a bit scared but maybe shes on break, I dont really know… She really is bad. Like, really really bad. I can’t tell yall what shes experiencing rn and im so sorry for this. All I can is that I hope we’ll get along well and that you guys will accept me as a replacement!! ❤️ (ps, i cant always be there bc im really busy with school ect, but I’ll try my best to be as active as possible)


@-R3GINAA Hey aliya, Its great to meet you, I hope regina is okay and is taking care of herself. ❤️


hi aliya!! lovely to meet you and i hope regina takes care and gets better soon 


missing regina hours, always gotta occupy my mind with some bs so i don't cry. i wish i had spoken to you more, gcse season started getting to me and i was barely speaking to anyone. i'm sorry reggie, i love u my girl <3


i miss you so much my baby.
          all the stupid jokes you’d make, the little announcements you’d put on my message board and our dumb conversation
          i wish allah could give us one more day to speak</3
          inshallah you’re in a happier place, know i’ll love you forever my baby girl 


i keep seeing your comments everywhere and i get excited and then my heart drops knowing your no longer with us. even though we didn’t know each other that well i just knew you were such a kind soul and inshallah you’re in a happier safer place