Clairvoyant || Stilinski [1] by AintThatDevine
Clairvoyant || Stilinski [1] by ♤ melissa ♤
When Stiles' trusty Jeep falters on him, the sarcastic boy is caught in a drifting state and only one person can see him. Jacy, a whisperer of sorts, has dealt with plen...
  • lydiamartin
  • wattys2016
  • stilesstilinski
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Phantom Trip by friking-awsom-kitten
Phantom Trip by Marisa
Maddie and Jack Fenton, also known by all as genius scientists in all things ghostly, have finally convinced the president to sponsor them to teach the young residents o...
  • dannyphantom
  • frightknight
  • technus
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Dead and Not Buried by makeandoffer
Dead and Not Buried by makeandoffer
Leah Preston was a normal 17 year old girl, until she wakes up and finds herself staring at her own lifeless body. She has no idea what happened to her or how she died...
  • regret
  • drunk
  • love
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Ghostly by whisperr
Ghostly by whisperr
When Lily was five, she had a friend named Alec. He was a ghost. But they got into an arguement, so she told him to stay out of her life. And he did. What happens ten ye...
  • love
  • paranormal
  • ghosts
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Creepiest Chats Ever! by MagBlueRoses
Creepiest Chats Ever! by MagBlueRoses
|| Highest rank #3 in Horror || In this book, you'll find the most suspense filled and creepiest chats ever! If you like spooky and spine-chilling stuff, then this is fo...
  • shortstory
  • murder
  • gore
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♡ Scary Stories ♡ by hallucynated
♡ Scary Stories ♡ by lucy
The most scariest stories, that send chills up your spine. - Book cover made by; @sunswept
  • horror
  • ghosts
  • scary
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The Human Werewolf by crazykotsyf
The Human Werewolf by Fangirl With A Trenchcoat
Sophia's life turned upside down when her family was attacked. She was only four at the time... She managed to run away and met Jason, a werewolf. His family took her i...
  • fullmoon
  • moon
  • claws
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Saving Marley ✔ by xFakingaSmilex
Saving Marley ✔ by Stephanie
Death is calm, death is peaceful. Well, death would be those two things if you didn't accidentally die at school. He probably didn't mean to, what sane person sets out t...
  • dead
  • saving
  • friends
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Apartment 239 by elfordalley
Apartment 239 by elfordalley
Welcome to Marble Springs, a small town of missing people and monsters. After Abe Barrett begins seeing visions of the dead, he soon uncovers the sinister forces behind...
  • thriller
  • monster
  • creature
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Haunted || h.s au by rosepetalnovels
Haunted || h.s au by Kajsa
First published: December 2013 Status: Completed / First draft "When he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so...
  • hauntedhouse
  • fanfic
  • dark
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In the Spirit of Letting Go by reaweiger
In the Spirit of Letting Go by Rebecca Weiger
[A Wattpad Featured Story] At the age of seventeen, Harper Pearce is no stranger to death. Since the night of her parents' fatal car accident, she's had the ability to...
  • featured
  • wattys2017
  • thesunsetawards
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Short Scary Riddles  by Horror_Lover54
Short Scary Riddles by Amethyst
*Highest #36 in Horror* *Highest #404 in Random* Scary riddles that'll send a shiver down your spine!
  • haunted
  • murder
  • horror
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HIX HIX HIX by HenaAdlakha
HIX HIX HIX by Hena Adlakha
Halloween Special!!! #1 in HORROR😇😊 *You've been warned* You can't escape from the HIX.... The book will contain three parts. HIX 1, HIX 2, HIX 3. (And some extra hi...
  • fiction
  • haunted
  • dark
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Ten Years Since The Children Left by elfordalley
Ten Years Since The Children Left by elfordalley
Ten years ago, 726 children disappeared in a single night without a trace. On the Tenth anniversary of their disappearance, a journalist discovers they were never really...
  • stalker
  • creatures
  • suspense
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Hide and Seek by Ms_Horrendous
Hide and Seek by Senpai Jakayla Toney
When you enter the house, you follow the rules, you play the game... My name is Emily. I thought it was a normal, abandoned house. I thought she was a normal girl. I t...
  • frightening
  • wattys2016
  • paranormal
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Taking your life is the ultimate taboo in the Christian and Catholic religions. By doing this, you condemn your soul to the pits of hell. Where you will burn for eternit...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • mystery
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Tragedy ° DEAN WINCHESTER by merryspidermas
Tragedy ° DEAN WINCHESTER by kim, i guess
❝show me a hero and I'll write a tragedy.❞ [dean winchester x emery wilson] [supernatural; season one-three] [book one in the emery wilson series] [completed] [highest r...
  • angels
  • vampires
  • castiel
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Scary Facts, Creepypastas, Legends, And Mysteries ✔ by MyAllTimeRomance
Scary Facts, Creepypastas, Legends... by !
A compilation of Scary Facts, Unsolved Mysteries, Urban Legends, Creepypastas and Scary Myths that I saw in various websites. If you're a fan of mysteries and all scary...
  • creepy
  • halloween
  • myths
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The Perverted Ghost by RoseMeinu
The Perverted Ghost by RM
malamig na tubig ang umaagos sa akin mula sa shower,sinasabon ang aking katawan sa di malamang dahilan uminit ang aking pakiramdam na parang may ibang humahawak sa akin...
  • happyhalloween
  • apartment
  • thepervertghost
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Misunderstood by SugacoatedLattae
Misunderstood by Coffee Bean~
"I thought you were a ghost!!" "I know I have pale skin but you don't have to be mean about it." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In which a girl discovers f...
  • bts
  • kpop
  • bangtanboys
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