Kissing Is the Easy Part by rainbowbrook
Kissing Is the Easy Part by Christine Romance
{a Wattpad featured story} Flora is afraid being beautiful is her only talent. Some of the words she hates include economy class, second-hand clothes, and budget. She...
Prank Call by PeculiarityPrincesa
Prank Call by Invisibility Short Story
❝Hello?❞ ❝It's done.❞ ❝Excuse me?❞ ❝I hid the body. I've got you on GPS. Headed your way now, and I expect my 50 grand ready.❞ ❝Already in the duffle bag. I hope you've...
You're mine. by sadnessbabe12
You're mine. by sadnessbabe12 Teen Fiction
||#91 Teen Fiction 10/08/17||#166 Teen Fiction|| Damon Queen- the dangerous, arrogant billionaire who doesn't like it when people disobey him. He never hesitates, he cou...
Cheater. Faker. Troublemaker. (#Wattys Winner 2016) by jr0127
Cheater. Faker. Troublemaker. (#Wa... by Jenny Action
Accidently Engaged [Wattys2017] by Dredge116
Accidently Engaged [Wattys2017] by MissDredge General Fiction
Evan Wilson and Ariana Houston have been best friends since they were born. They have been through so much together. When Evan shows Ariana the engagement ring he brough...
James & Lyla by UnsinkableShips
James & Lyla by sarah Short Story
When Lyla starts writing the words she should've never left unsaid. Copyright © 2016 by UnsinkableShips. All Rights Reserved. Cover by @bateaux.
Hello, Mr. Darcy #NewAdult by LilyFullyLiving
Hello, Mr. Darcy #NewAdult by LilyFullyLiving ChickLit
Book 1 ( Completed August, 2016: Being Edited) Book 2 called, "Reclaiming, Charlotte" _____________________ When two people belonged together, they just b...
Heartbroken by prosenpoetry
Heartbroken by lεα καlεs Poetry
You used to love me, but when you see someone else, you chase her like crazy. [07-08-17: #2] [From 06-28-16 to 04-20-17]
Cheater... by TkookiesT
Cheater... by Kuzumi-Kim Fanfiction
You and Jungkook were dating since High School..Until that day everything changed... Will Y/n forgive Jungkook? "YOU NEVER SHOW LOVE FOR HER! " -?? Read if...
Someone Else by novelsandcoffee
Someone Else by novelsandcoffee Romance
[a Wattpad featured story!] COMPLETED Meet Elle Robinson, a woman in her mid-twenties who must rewrite the draft of the perfect life she planned out when the man she lov...
Forever Lyla by UnsinkableShips
Forever Lyla by sarah Short Story
When Renner falls in love with the pretty girl in his history class, the last thing he expects is for her to notice him, particularly when, at first, all she seems to se...
The Ex by P3ttyQueen
The Ex by 👑 QUEEN 👑 Romance
What do you do with a broken heart and a positive pregnancy test? ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~. ~Highest Rank #43~ I s...
The First Sight by BlueDisney02
The First Sight by BlueDisney02 Fanfiction
One day Emma finds out that her husband Ben has been cheating on her for a while. She's left devastated with their 3 year old daughter (Brynn), whom he doesn't care abou...
Girl of Glass by zeebooks
Girl of Glass by Zee Teen Fiction
She wasn't rich, she wasn't popular, and she wasn't fashionable nor known, but she had her glasses, and a boy to love, and that was all she ever needed. Though, her plan...
Movie Star Memories by RElizabethM
Movie Star Memories by RElizabethM ChickLit
Ten years ago Ellie Cooper struck gold. She secured a coveted movie role that sent her life spiraling out of control. Landing in the arms of Wyatt Burgess, her co-star w...
Stuck In Love (COMPLETED) by no_one_finds_me
Stuck In Love (COMPLETED) by no_one_finds_me Short Story
This is Sequel to 'Stuck With Mr. Popular'. Please read the prequel before starting with Stuck In Love. ******** It has been seven years. Sophie Esinberg despises Raymon...
Hidden || Jonah Marais by madeformarais
Hidden || Jonah Marais by jess | wdw Fanfiction
Rowan Davis's heart was broken when she found her boyfriend cheating on her, on their anniversary of all days. After, she swore off dating again. But that was until she...
The Billionaire's Betrayal by sweetchoclate9
The Billionaire's Betrayal by rose Romance
"I love you, Celestine Allen King and I will do anything to make you mine again. Anything", he said and kissed my forehead, pressing me tightly to him. We don'...
Everything We Ever Wanted [Previously 'Living With The Bad Boy'] by xXMopelXx
Everything We Ever Wanted [Previou... by The Real Queen B Of Wattpad Romance
REVAMPED version of the 2012 story - Living With The Bad Boy "Sometimes when you least expect it, you're faced with the one person who could finally change ever...
Things I Could Never Tell You by invisiblilly
Things I Could Never Tell You by jas deroubaix Teen Fiction
Some things stay as they are, but others? They fall apart. And once upon a time, Stephanie Olsen and Tyler Scott were the best of friends. Once inseparable, now driftin...