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The Exotic Cullen [DISCONTINUED] by TWolfG
The Exotic Cullen [DISCONTINUED]by Marvel_ous
A/N: I wrote this when i was around eleven/twelve so read it at your own risk. It is unedited, at least most of it and discontinued. It's also cringy a heck. Also Spelli...
The Lost Hex (BrodyxSonic) by Brody-wolf
The Lost Hex (BrodyxSonic)by 💛Brody The Wolf💛
(Book 8) When chasing Doctor Eggman carrying a capsule with flickies inside Sonic, Brody and Tails come across a hidden world that holds a new threat.
Zazz x Zor (ONE SHOTS) by Llazura
Zazz x Zor (ONE SHOTS)by ĹĹᗛƵỰƦᗛ
So basically, I ship these guys hardcore, and its really sad that there is not even one fanfiction out there for them! so I decided to create a One Shot book, but I don'...
My Lost Hex Zeti AU Headcanons by Llazura
My Lost Hex Zeti AU Headcanonsby ĹĹᗛƵỰƦᗛ
The Deadly Six were very underrated villains, I think they had a pretty cool evil family dynamic going on. Unfortunately, they were given very little character developme...
Llazura's Zeti Headcanons and Other Stuff [ REWRITTEN ] by Llazura
Llazura's Zeti Headcanons and Othe...by ĹĹᗛƵỰƦᗛ
Guess whose back... Back again... ME. The headcanons I wrote on my original book were actually pretty old ones, and I've long since grown out of most of them. So *clap*...
(COMMANDES OUVERTES ) One piece x Reader by Bloodymary10947
(COMMANDES OUVERTES ) One piece x...by Blood Grimm
Tu as toujours voulu etre avec ton ou tes personnages prefere de One piece? EH bien moi oui, mais je veux faire des heureux alors commandés et donnez moi des détails dan...
Sonic & Pokémon Lost World by LendseyThornton
Sonic & Pokémon Lost Worldby Lendsey Thornton
After crash landing on a mysterious fragmented planet in the sky, Sonic and co are forced to team up with their long time rivals Eggman and Team Rocket to stop six deran...
Lena Luthor and The Box by LenaLuthorisMeat
Lena Luthor and The Boxby LenaLuthorisMeat
Lena Luthor starts to display strange behavior after looking inside a mysterious gift box.
Three Drunk Zeties play... by Llazura
Three Drunk Zeties play...by ĹĹᗛƵỰƦᗛ
Zazz, Zor, and Zeena need a new way to pass the time, so they decided to go get drunk and play some videogames. So get ready to see sides of them that you typically don'...
Kara Zor El's DEO Panic Button by TVDMonstersareEvil
Kara Zor El's DEO Panic Buttonby TVDMonstersareSoulless
Lena Luthor' head injury gives him the power to predict others deaths'
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zor günler  by Meryemimsek
zor günler by Meryem Şimsek
bir kız varmış bu kız hayatı boyunca mutsuz olmus.
The Frozen Angel. by NightFallenLegend
The Frozen Angel.by Abraham Mireles
What if Supergirl had lived on earth all her life as an ordinary human girl only to discover her destiny and her power while on earth. How would a flawed teenager react...
Fate or Fortune: A Zalfie fanfic by 5mcvampskians
Fate or Fortune: A Zalfie fanficby 5mcvampskians
This is basically a story about how Zoe and Alfie became Zalfie, some things are real, some are not. It includes real people like Joe and Caspar ect but not everything i...
Zor And Min by TrialByFire
Zor And Minby TrialByFire
After reading Min's fanfiction about her compulsion to write that she considers as a voice in her head named Zor, her friends, Nemo and Basil, decided to write one of th...
The Day Zor Entered The Mortal Realm by TrialByFire
The Day Zor Entered The Mortal Rea...by TrialByFire
A sequel of sorts to The Loner Years with special appearances from Psycho comes The Day Zor Entered The Mortal Realm. Min decides to bring Zor to life in this story she...