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JUMP | ZACH MITCHELL by rara-writes
"What do you want me to do? Want me to hold your hand?" He speaks with nasty sarcasm. I consider the offer and am surprised at the answer that comes out of m...
Survivor {Jurassic World} by infatuationwitch
Survivor {Jurassic World}by kait ♡
Jurassic World was created for everyone to see what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the earth. But they went too far. Simon Masrani, owner of Jurassic World, wanted no...
escape. ➳ jurassic world by allthemfanfics
escape. ➳ jurassic worldby mads
[Originally published in 2015, rewritten in 2022] Elliot Grady's life has never been simple by any means, but when her father shows up out of the blue and turns everythi...
Jurassic World | Zach Mitchell × Reader by Abinaya_world
Jurassic World | Zach Mitchell × Abinaya_world
Y/n l/n is best friend of Zach Mitchell for 16 years or since they born, because of their parents are friends. These are inseparable till now and bestfriend maybe this w...
Be Brave | Zach Mitchell by Rainbow-Candy
Be Brave | Zach Mitchellby Rainbow-Candy
"Hope is for suckers." Jurassic World gets a whole lot weirder when Elle Miles is asked by her boss to babysit.
CALAMITY ° jurassic world by bIeachers
CALAMITY ° jurassic worldby lali
❝But hey, you got the full Jurassic World experience.❞ IN WHICH HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF (SORT OF). [no translations please] [zach mitchell x oc] © bIeachers 2015 - comple...
WARGAMES → ZACH MITCHELL  ✓ by witchofinterest
WARGAMES → ZACH MITCHELL ✓by - ̗̀ gracie ̖́-
WARGAMES | Maybe sometimes the past should stay in the past. The world figured that out when the original Jurassic Park had to shut down before its grand opening after t...
INTREPID  ━━  zach mitchell by finalgrls
INTREPID ━━ zach mitchellby 𝒗𝒂𝒍.
I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. [ completed ] [ jurassic world / zach mitchell ]
For Better Or For Worse (Jurassic World//Zach Mitchell Fanfic) by infinite_fandoms_
For Better Or For Worse ( infinite_fandoms_
Hannah Taylor and Zach Mitchell have been dating for 1 year, but lately things haven't been going to well. With Zach's constant flirting with other girls, the two have...
"If something chases you...R U N" ⌁⌁⌁⌁⌁ When Marlo's boss, Claire, informs her that she'll be picking up her nephews, Gray and Zach Mitchell, she assumes...
Insanity | a Jurassic World Fanfic & Zach Mitchell X Reader by littlerogue_
Insanity | a Jurassic World rogue
You've always been reckless and have taken risks, dangerous risks, especially when your older brother was Owen Grady; an ex-Navy officer. Owen always took you for advent...
It all started with a like  // Nick Robinson \\  by xhopefulfangirlx
It all started with a like // crazy fangirl
Who knew a like on Instagram could change two peoples lives so much.. Read and follow Nick and Lilly on their journey!
Unexpected(Jurassic World) by TheNerdDoctor84
Unexpected(Jurassic World)by Grim Grinning Ghosts
Ann Murphy is 16 years old her uncle Owen works with the raptors her parents send her to Jurassic World to get her mind off things at home unfortunately her uncle blows...
His Dinosaur Girl •~Zach Mitchell x Reader~• by EvelynKaspbrak
His Dinosaur Girl •~Zach Evie Munson
Sophia Grady is the daughter of the famous Raptor trainer Owen Grady she is 16 years old and has a very strong relationship with Jurassic World's T-Rex Trixie when she i...
Raptor Girl by odetomendes
Raptor Girlby Em
Emma is Owen Brady's helper. For the raptors at Jurassic World. It was all going well, that is, until the hybrid gets out of containment.
Zach MitchellxMALE!oc COMLETED by gay_AF_satan
Zach MitchellxMALE!oc COMLETEDby gay_AF_satan
COMPLETED! with his uncle Owen with the dinosaur's and gets assigned to look after Zach Mitchell and his younger brother. They three boys end up having a bi...
Indominus // Zach Mitchell by LostDaughterOfChaos
Indominus // Zach Mitchellby LostDaughterOfChaos
For years Raleigh has warned them; she's warned them of the same things that destroyed her Great-grandfather's original Jurassic Park: control is an illusion, but do the...
Jurassic world: Love's a predator  by hellomystarrysky
Jurassic world: Love's a predator by hellomystarrysky
A Jurassic World fan fiction. Ryder Blunt is Zach Mitchell's best friend. Their trip to Jurassic World lands them in nothing short of a nightmare. Ryder's survival skill...
Surviving For Love [Complete] by xstargazer
Surviving For Love [Complete]by Stargazer
Delilah Collins has lived with her God father, Owen Grady, ever since her family was killed in a car crash, that happened 6 years ago. Now ,16, Delilah works as not only...
Run. ~z.m~ {COMPLETED} ⚡️ by Italian_Cannoli
Run. ~z.m~ {COMPLETED} ⚡️by max
"Hold on to your butts." When Zach Mitchell stepped onto the island of Ilsa Nubar he expected to see dinosaurs, margaritas, and hot girls but what he didn't...