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Forbidden Attraction by BrianaLwrites
Forbidden Attractionby Briana Lee
Chelsie has been dealing with a skin condition called vitiligo since she was 5 which makes her unique. Feeling unattractive due to this condition, she feels she'll be si...
Maid For Him | 18+ ✐ by erotictemptations
Maid For Him | 18+ ✐by Drummond.M
"What would you do to me?" "I would come from behind,bend you over and spread those pretty little legs of yours." - Remmington Ayla Jay a woman that...
Beautiful To Me (Boyf Riends AU) by ieHacker
Beautiful To Me (Boyf Riends AU)by Hacker
Hi. My name is Michael Mell. I'm seventeen and I have a skin disorder called vitiligo. I wish I was less ugly. I feel like I couldn't be at a worse point than right now...
Am I Beautiful? by Taeamii
Am I Beautiful?by yadyybuggsuee
'UGLY' 'BEAST' 'MONSTER' Those words refers to her appearance... A girl that they always called ugly... She's didn't want to communicate with other people.. Becaus...
My Story by micahbotha
My Storyby micahbotha
This is a story about me, the writer. It's something I'm struggling with right now. I'm going tell you about my struggles. It's related to a disease. I don't know what i...
Skin | Takanobu Aone ♡ by toketa1
Skin | Takanobu Aone ♡by toketa1
A girl with Vitiligo A boy with Albinism * short chapters * possible slow updates
Your Beautiful | Michael x Jeremy | Bmc by JustALoseer
Your Beautiful | Michael x Talunan~
Michael has vitiligo..he gets made fun of, bullied..but this one boy always tries to get close to him. Jeremy. Michael doesn't want to be friends with him, cause he fear...
Delicate beauties  by Scorbus11
Delicate beauties by Mpreg obsession
Ja'Quan Smith and Conor O'Donnell couldn't be any more different, Ja'Quan was born and raised in Africa and all his roots are African, he has beautiful jet black skin, w...
Monster (Jack Will) by crappystoriesx
Monster (Jack Will)by Marisa
Three years passed after everything that happened with Auggie, Julian and everyone else, and they were now 14, in the 8th grade, Julian came back...and when a new girl a...
Appointment H.S (A.U) by Maybe_Next_Year
Appointment H.S (A.U)by Michael Myers
"Are you a virgin?" "Y-yes" "Would you like me to change that?" "P-please" _________________________________________ In which a t...
A Girl Like Indie by a_ataraxia
A Girl Like Indieby ♛𝒜𝓎𝓎𝒶
Indie Reed considers herself a loner, not only has she lost faith in the kindness of people but she loves to disconnect herself from the world she lives in because havin...
Carousel {Michael Jackson Love Story} [with NEW, additional chapter 6] by RedBird13
Carousel {Michael Jackson Love RedBird¹³
Carefully slipping my hand into his shirt, I touched the cloth of the t-shirt over his stomach, heated by the body underneath. The music drifted away from me. Over the r...
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Showing Leah by Immature_Khite
Showing Leahby Immature_Khite
Leah has always been insecure not believing she was as pretty or skinny as the other girls.Being a junior in high school with a super model looking of a sister it starts...
ᖴᗩᑕᗴᑕᒪᗩIᗰᔕ🦅🪐 by paperrouteM
ᖴᗩᑕᗴᑕᒪᗩIᗰᔕ🦅🪐by 𝐏𝐚𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐞M✰
🗿wha I'm supposed to say- PUT IT IN REVERSE TERRY 🦼
Stolen Wolf (Zoo #1) by AwsomeDragons
Stolen Wolf (Zoo #1)by jay
Chronicles of Zoo: Book One In a land where animals are linked together with humans at their fifteenth birthday, Craig just kinda exists. He lives with the Pack, a smal...
The Art of Loving You by LoveNerds89
The Art of Loving Youby LoveNerds89
There is an art to loving someone. This fine art has been lost a long time ago, but these two have found it. With crumpled paper and broken pens, their story is written...
The Whitefire Curse   {Sleeping Beauty Retwisting} by Faerie_Gucci
The Whitefire Curse {Sleeping ⚔︎orion⚔︎
In which Lynn is cursed, the exiled heir to the stars is stuck in her dreams and a witch of green fire watches her in her sleep.
Bnha Oneshot book (it's mainly MiruHawks tho) by Weeaboo_memeaboo
Bnha Oneshot book (it's mainly The Ryushot goddess
(Not My Art) Ok so like No one Ships this but I do. It's a oneshot book so if you ship anything different and know you're just gonna leave hate, please don't read that c...
Lethal by -SH_12-
Lethalby -SH_12-
The feelings Sapphire has buried inside her for 5 years surface on a rainy night at the graveyard. Her mind takes her back to the bittersweet year where she met the lov...
THE SHY MICHEAL by medicgeek_0101
THE SHY MICHEALby medicgeek_0101
He was young and shy, cute and dreamy. She was graceful and confident, colorful and chatty. She found him lost, looking for the class and then their story began. Meet M...