Twoleg Stories

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Warriors:The Twoleg? by StarfireSeed
Warriors:The Twoleg?by Elemental_Elysian
Warriors The Odd Ones Out, Book 1 Ginna, a twoleg who lives not far from ThunderClan, find where the clancats made there camp. She starts exploring the clan's world and...
Warriors: Dawnleap's Changing by BonnieWest
Warriors: Dawnleap's Changingby Bonnie West
Don is a normal girl, who lives a normal teenage Twoleg's life. All she wanted was to be different. She didn't know that the difference that was in store for her would c...
Welcome to the StarClan of the 21st century! Where cats from modern-day ThunderClan, whether warriors or medicine cats, can visit StarClan whenever they want to. Where c...
I Know Places: A Warrior Cat Fanfiction (Discontinued) by JamonaTatum
I Know Places: A Warrior Cat Jamona Tatum
Note: This story takes place before Bramblestar's Storm A Twoleg, Amber, stumbles upon the sacred Moonpool while at her grandmother's ranch, the Hare Hill Riding Stables...
from a twoleg into a warrior by bearpathwarriorcat
from a twoleg into a warriorby Bear
Holly was a normal crazed warrior fan intil one day she was turned into a cat named spot and joined moonclan. Now she must live a normal clan life without anyone finding...
~Kittypet to Warrior~ Warriors fanfiction by Feline_Feelings
~Kittypet to Warrior~ Warriors ↞Frostbite↠
"AAAAAAAH!" she shouted "Help!!! Somebody?!" she ran by trees and the tall grass slapped her face but she didn't care. She kept running for her life.
Warrior Cats: Silver's Choice by nightmflight
Warrior Cats: Silver's Choiceby Night
Man's cruelty is limitless.. but its kindness as well, leading a turning point in Icekit's story. He faces his life each single sunrise. He's just an innocent kit who'd...
Warrior Cats React by Violetsun2000
Warrior Cats Reactby Diagramming Eons
Wonder how Warriors will react to Twoleg items? We'll find out in this book!
Warriors: Foxpaw's challenge by Warriorwrighter
Warriors: Foxpaw's challengeby Warriorwrighter
Foxpaw, a Cloudclan, russet she-cat with a white tail tip, chest and muzzle with brown legs becomes an apprentice and is faced with a difficult task. All photos by warr...
City Kitty  by TillySullivan6
City Kitty by Scourge
A ShadowClan apprentice has been captured and he must find his way home before it's too late. Set in the warrior cats universe ~
WarriorCats: Stuck in the forest by WarriorCatOUATgirl
WarriorCats: Stuck in the forestby WarriorCatOUATgirl
This story is one of my own and although all the characters are mine terms and clan names belong to Erin Hunter. As thunderclan takes in a new type of cat of the forest...
Remembrance by VectorSigma
Remembranceby Vec
Sequel to "Retribution": Skip's never been nothing more than a simple tom-simple if you don't count his recent amnesia. He can't recall anything from the past...
Ripplefern's Tribulation by AlexaMistyYT
Ripplefern's Tribulationby AlexaMistyYT
Ripplefern is a young warrior of RiverClan. RiverClan faces many hardships and difficulties throughout Ripplefern's life. A strange cat challenges Ripplefern's loyalty...
A Twoleg in my Clan by WarriorCatsCrazy1
A Twoleg in my Clanby WarriorCatsCrazy1
A lonely, cat-obsessed twelve year old girl. A criticized, half-Clan warrior of ReedClan. When fate brings Natalie, a lonely girl with a passion for cats to ReedClan, sh...
Warriors: The Pup by StarfireSeed
Warriors: The Pupby Elemental_Elysian
(Sequel to Warriors: The Twoleg?) Warriors: The Odds One Out Book 2 A small golden retriever is found on WindClan land when Sedgewhisker looks for one of her lost kits...
Twoleg Into Warrior by GrinnyTheKitty
Twoleg Into Warriorby Sarah
A normal teenage twoleg,Alice,wonders if she could be something else.As he father spends more time downstairs,Alice wonders if he can do something. On that faithful day...