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•No Signal• Joker x reader by Attack_on_slasha
•No Signal• Joker x readerby Oskar Willson
Joker thinks he has a chance at a life with (Y/N), they actually seem happy and the crime rate in Gotham had dramatically decreased. But Batman won't rest until the Jok...
The Letter (Banana Fish Fanfic) by BobSaysHello520
The Letter (Banana Fish Fanfic)by Bob Says Hello
It has been three months since Ash's death. Three months since Eiji moved to Japan. Three months since Eiji lost his best friend. Eiji has been trying to get over Ash's...
What the fuck happened to me? by randompersonhuman
What the fuck happened to me?by BigDaddyAnonymous
specifically sharing what happened in February and why I've been on this on and off. i know this might not get as many views as anything else, but it's here for the peop...