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The Fairly Odd Parents ~ Timmy Turners sister (Reader insert)  - One Shots by Knuffie2019
The Fairly Odd Parents ~ Timmy Knuffie2019
[Sequel to Fairly Odd Parents ~ Timmy Turners sister] This story is a combination of my favorit episodes. Follow along with Timmy and his sister (Y/N) on their daring ad...
Angel Crocker by Merci8Light
Angel Crockerby SnowStar Light
You are the daughter of Denzel Crocker. Follow her on her adventures. Disclaimer: I don't own anything. All belongings to the owners.
It's a Buxaplenty Party by MeMyselfandI2008
It's a Buxaplenty Partyby Mint (or Pepper)
It wasn't something he had expected. In fact, if you had told Timmy Turner he'd be receiving an invite to one of the Buxaplenty's grand party's, he would have laughed in...
My Fairly OddParents Rant  by Sapphirejewe
My Fairly OddParents Rant by Sapphirejewe
Since I saw the new season episodes and swore to myself NEVER AGAIN, I decided to write ANOTHER book talking of both the GOOD old episodes and the *clears throat* NEW ep...
Fairly Odd Pokemon: Daybreak Version by RogueShadow77
Fairly Odd Pokemon: Daybreak RogueShadow77
Timmy Turner, throughout his twelve years in his life, has experienced day after miserable day. Until one night, he gets once in a lifetime chance to change it all, and...
The fairy oddparents  by sonia_555666
The fairy oddparents by sonia_555666
Timmy Turner 12 years young boy who is in love with Trixie Tang-the most popular girl in school make a wish from his fairy oddparents Cosmo and Wanda to make Trixie his...
Uncle Rick's Ghost by NurFaiza07
Uncle Rick's Ghostby Nur Faiza Farid Long
Rick behaves strangely he does not sleep and mumbles to himself, causing Tootie to worry. Timmy sends them a letter telling them about a handphone number where they can...
My Rant Book . by Itztootiee
My Rant Book .by wytgirlwasted
I'm basically talking about my everyday life
Timmy's Hidden Talent by Wishmaker1028
Timmy's Hidden Talentby Amie J. Smyth
Mr. Bickles is planning to do a production of High School Musical. One problem. He doesn't have a Troy Bolton. But, when he overhears Timmy singing, he offers Timmy the...
Nightmare in Nickelandia by NurFaiza07
Nightmare in Nickelandiaby Nur Faiza Farid Long
The girls are investing a case of murders happening in Nickelandia after watching the horror film "Slashing in Kennywood." Believing all this to be true, they...
The Strange Old Man by NurFaiza07
The Strange Old Manby Nur Faiza Farid Long
Timmy sends them a postcard from Russia and tells them about the Strange Old Man. They decide to spy on the old man and discover that he hoards all sorts of things in hi...
A Fairly Magical Friendship (Fairly Odd Parents Fanfic) by DaniFarras
A Fairly Magical Friendship ( DaniFarras
I'm best friends with Timmy Turner and I'm the only person he trusts to know about cosmo and wanda, and weirdly enough Jorgen didnt bust him for this. To explain it that...
Y. O. U. N. G | Tootie Raww | by Niahhh_Rawww
Y. O. U. N. G | Tootie Raww |by IM RAWW HOE
Her parents said she was to young to be thinking of boys and she should be thinking of her career as a majorette dancer from the Dancing Dolls. She really never thought ...
Lost in the Stars by Wishmaker1028
Lost in the Starsby Amie J. Smyth
In the future of Fairy World, Timmy Turner has a Chosen One museum erected to him so all of the fairies remember as the hero he was. But what happened to him? This story...
Crash and Burn by G1endon
Crash and Burnby G1endon
TimmyXTootie fanfiction. This is a song fiction of the song "Crash and Burn" by Savage Garden. Enjoy
First love by Fgjjffhjj
First loveby Chanaya Hollenquest
Just read and also this is my first story so bare with me 😂