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The Street Fighter|✔️ by LapisAriana
The Street Fighter|✔️by Ariana Lapis
Annabelle's life is harder than anyone could ever imagine. She spends her days locked in her room not wanting to talk to anyone but her best friend Alyssa. Sage Valentin...
Not the typical Britney Anderson by Tino-jean
Not the typical Britney Andersonby Tino-jean
"Mom, I cant lose her I already lost dad." "I know honey, but we don't have choice" I didn't notice but I started crying. * * * * * * * * * * * Bri...
IRRESISTABLE LOVE by MichelleMangezi
She wasnt sure if it was just a crush,she wasny sure if it was just a fling but however all things around Katherine went upside down when He told her how he felt.Now wil...
Italy Brothers x Sister! reader (DISCONTINUED) by Ayaniko_Roma_Ayazawa
Italy Brothers x Sister! reader (D...by Berlin Jorge Curtsen
Yes, my second book. And the story is about siblings. Sometimes, misunderstandings. This book is about siblings, love, care, and misunderstandings. Well I just created...
Band OneShots by zebras_are_rad
Band OneShotsby zebras
Another book with OneShots in it :) But this time it's not limited to one band. 'Til now it's just about SWS, OMAM and PTV, but who knows what will make it's way into my...
A Time of Vikings (Viking!Nordics x Reader) by CrazyLuna15
A Time of Vikings (Viking!Nordics...by CrazyLuna
(Viking!Nordics x Reader) (Y/N) is just a normal teenage girl, one day after school she falls asleep and appears back into the era of the vikings! Were she meets Tino...
UNBREAK MY HEART by MichelleMangezi
UNBREAK MY HEARTby MichelleMangezi
Heart breaking....touching....is a story of a teenage girl Ayden who her life has come to a sudden change due to one stupid mistake.Ayden is a shy girl introverted and a...
✞ frσzєn mєmσríєѕ ✞ by adventxrous
✞ frσzєn mєmσríєѕ ✞by mαthíαѕ køhlєr
❝ тнє ραѕт ¢αииσт ¢нαиgє уєт тнє ρяєѕєит αи∂ fυтυяє ωιℓℓ αℓωαуѕ вєи∂ тσ σиє'ѕ ωιℓℓ. ❞
Hetalia X Reader by Padsolnuh
Hetalia X Readerby Padsolnuh
A collection of Nordic 5 X Reader Oneshots. I don't speak Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, or Swedish. Therefore, Google has been my best friend during my writing...
Principessa Italiana nera by zaripalmpalm
Principessa Italiana neraby Cass
When a 17 year old Italian princess finally becomes age of her world seems like it's finally starting to go her way. Or so she thought with exes, potential lovers and no...
When Will I See You Again. by the-awkwardArchitect
When Will I See You Again.by Aiedan CB
After being hit hard by the beginning of the apocalypse, Norge sets out to find his younger brother and the rest of the Nordics. His body weak and barely stable, he push...
Hetalia: Iceland x Fridge by PerizadaLupei
Hetalia: Iceland x Fridgeby PerizadaLupei
Emil is home from school one day when he discovers something quite odd about the Nordics fridge. Hetalia oneshot, human names used. Sorry if Iceland is OOC. Please vote...
Not afraid anymore - SuFin by Luxie_is_to_cool
Not afraid anymore - SuFinby OnlyNordicFangirls
After a cold winter night, a peculiar Finn feels a certain emotion for a certain Swedish man that he has been terrified for for years, love. After being alone and at ho...
Shameless Immortality (Discontinued) by Kuro_Kiku12
Shameless Immortality (Discontinue...by Cherry Blossom Kisses
No one really knows what the future is like, but what came....I didn't expect it at all. As the oldest, I should have prevented this, but I didn't...and now....everyone...
Happy Birthday! Hetalia Countries by furubaJB15
Happy Birthday! Hetalia Countriesby It starts with the letter 'K'
Don't you think the cover is absolutely cute? Anyways each of these is a drabble for the Hetalia characters birthday's! Currently there is: Taiwan, Austria, Turkey, Latv...
No Really, I'm Fine (Of Mice & Men) by odetoblurryface
No Really, I'm Fine (Of Mice & Men)by Ash
"I smiled at the pain and the hair stood up on my arms. I felt insane. Look at me...laughing over my own self destruction." "'And who are you?' That quest...
HetaShortfic: CATastrophy by princessmerida17
HetaShortfic: CATastrophyby Megan Hughes
( Lol horrible name) the girls find themselves in quite a pickle after Lukas accidentally transforms them into cats. They have to find a way to turn back into their hum...