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Rejected by one loved by another-ON HOLD by BreBre147
Rejected by one loved by Lovely_Loner
What if your mate rejects you but you get a second chance with someone new sounds impossible right? Well this is what happens to Caden West after being abused by her pa...
We met at a pit stop  by Melanie_valentines
We met at a pit stop by Melanie Valentine
"Mommy,Daddy how did you two meet?" "Oh that's a story to tell Mercedes and Tyler." ***** One day Sam and Grace's kids ask how they met so as they'r...
Last Star in the Sky : Capricorn by Iamcrazyfangirl4ever
Last Star in the Sky : Capricornby Hero
Emburn Younder was always told to be a great mother. To have many boys for her Husbend. But she has other plains. She leads her people in to battle for freedom that has...
The Few by Donotimagine
The Fewby Briana Mortal
WARNING THIS STORY WILL BE BAD WARNING In other stories they will tell you everything was perfect before something bad came , life was magnificent no matter the tax br...
The Never-Ending Week by SoulCurse
The Never-Ending Weekby SoulCurse
Jack has been stuck in a time loop for 5 weeks and now during his 6th-week things begin to change without him intervening, soon he find out why and what it will take to...
My Idol Is a Werewolf by HaydenGabbard
My Idol Is a Werewolfby Hayden Gabbard
"I feel his lips crash into mine. This kiss... this is different. Our last kiss was romantic an deep. This kiss is possessive, and... hot. He looks at me with his d...