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Kids In The Dark -multifandom fanfic- by DyreAxen
Kids In The Dark -multifandom Axen
A story about a girl who has no choice but to leave her friends and family behind for the sake of humanity, the world is ending and the new government is rising, they kn...
The Divergent Glader (Maze Runner)~(Divergent) by Its_Kalani_m8
The Divergent Glader (Maze Runner) Ur mom
The world as they know it is going to hell with W.I.C.K.E.D and Bureau at war to save the human race but one girl is there to mess it all up but save them all. (Charact...
Retro Zone   |Life is Strange| by Merciix
Retro Zone |Life is Strange|by Merciix
Retro Zone is a fan fiction based off a video game titled Life is Strange. Retro Zone follows some of the original plot by Don'tNod and some of the script. I did not mak...
Unfit (A Maze Runner Fanfiction) by Sylminasha
Unfit (A Maze Runner Fanfiction)by Natasha, Jasmine and Sylvie
Before the maze and the scorch, Newt was known as Simon. He was living in the disastrous world that the Sun Flares created. Brenda was 5 when the Sun Flares struck the e...
Surviving the Storm: A Newt Imagine by Lostinthestereo86
Surviving the Storm: A Newt Imagineby Laurel
Kyla, a Glader is crossing the scorch with the others. But amidst the crossing, a huge, and deadly storm crosses their path. Will Kyla and her friends make it? I know i...