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Skylanders Academy: Spyro's Family(s) by imherenow100
Skylanders Academy: Spyro's Family...by Why would you want to know th...
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE READING. I am writing this story because I have been banging my head against a wall hoping an idea for something to do. At about the 1 hun...
Skylanders Academy: Cynder's Family by NaffieWaffie
Skylanders Academy: Cynder's Familyby Emerald Apple
Cover is a screenshot from show, This is a rewrite of a real crappy fanfic I made just a few days before this one (good thing I noticed the cringe)
Cynder's Secret Love by Outlander234
Cynder's Secret Loveby Queen Chrysalis
Cynder was in hiding just like every other Dragon in the Skylands. Ever since Kaos found a way to force each and every creature that was part Dragon to go under his cont...
Spyro x Cynder ~|One Shots|~ by DinoSquad444
Spyro x Cynder ~|One Shots|~by DinoSquad444
Just some stories I come up with making these 2 dragons fall in love. (I do not own these characters and they belong to the characters of Spyro and Skylanders Academy. A...
Reignited love. Spyro x Cynder by canthavename178
Reignited love. Spyro x Cynderby canthavename178
this story takes place in the Spyro reignited trilogy timeline but Instead Cynder is in the Story and at some point they meet and together they face challenges together.
A Duel with Destiny: The Power of Time by 4Dragons
A Duel with Destiny: The Power of...by 4Dragons
Time leads to change, and change is loss. A loss of what once was. One thing, however, does not change and never will: A desire for self improvement. These are the origi...
legend of spyro ships by legendaryfox412
legend of spyro shipsby legendaryfox412
The war is over now spyro and cynder must continue with their life. What will the future hold in store for them. Spyroxcynder Ocxoc
I Found You by free2lays
I Found Youby free2lays
this is a Spyro x Cynder fanfic but it's also a gender bender so Malefore some how uses his magic to make another time line were Spyro (Crystal) is the daughter of a sma...
Need I Say More by sandheartshipper
Need I Say Moreby sandheartshipper
This is my first ever story and it's a one-shot. Forgive me for any errors and/or mistakes. Thank you for reading and enjoy the day.
[OFFICIAL] Spyro III: Back to the Start by RazerBlazerXD
[OFFICIAL] Spyro III: Back to the...by Razer
Warning: If not already, read my original stories first! Spoilers for those who haven't! Now that the Sun has risen again, the balance of light has been restored. Unfort...
Just A Nightmare  (Spyro/Cynder) by XLittleMissJazzX
Just A Nightmare (Spyro/Cynder)by ✨LittleMissJazz✨
Cynder has these nightmares... That she is back to her old ways again... That she is the Terror Of The Sky again... That she is the Dark Master's Puppet again... But o...
Spyro: A modern tale by CobieWritingStories
Spyro: A modern taleby CobieWritingStories
this is my own take on spyro in modern day life where he has to go to high school and all that ( I know I used skylanders academy photos while I was editing this and I...
Update Schedule Book of Updates by ShadowFlame21
Update Schedule Book of Updatesby Aaron Lycan
This isn't a story, I am writing this update book so that all of you can know which story I will update next every week.
A Spyro Story by ithaca08
A Spyro Storyby ithaca08
When all goes wrong then finding their father, Zach and Violet finds a crystal and both hold on. They felt a power surge through their body and send them to the Legend o...
the legend of spyro and the first dragon by flareonking0607
the legend of spyro and the first...by plasma king
this is a story about a unusual dragon who has golden colored scales, four wings, has no memory of his past and can't fly AT ALL he must explore avalar to find his past...
godzilla/legend of spyro crossover  tlos the first dragon 30 years later by flareonking0607
godzilla/legend of spyro crossover...by plasma king
so this story takes place 30 years after the events of legend of spyro the first dragon but malefor returns and plasmic gains new knowlege of the titans that lay dormant...
Memes,spyro,SonTails,and updates by korbinservergundam
Memes,spyro,SonTails,and updatesby Korbin gundam+sontails
Conversations section but I can do more. Memes,spyro,SonTails,and updates
Spyro x Cynder A New Light by korbinservergundam
Spyro x Cynder A New Lightby Korbin gundam+sontails
Spyro and Cynder have saved the world from destruction but failed to kill malefor however he is weakened,and in the time it takes him to regain his strength and reassem...