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My heart will always be with you ~ Springtrap x Fem Reader by Midqiixa
My heart will always be with you ~...by Rae
After struggling to make ends meet you call your uncle and ask him if it would be okay to stay with him for a few weeks just to get back on your feet, of course he gladl...
My Little Garbage Bunny (Springtrap x Reader) by StarryShodow23
My Little Garbage Bunny (Springtra...by StarryShadow23
You get a job at Fazbears's Fright without much thought and what you find there gets you gears a turning. Your life wasn't great before but, now it will NEVER be the sa...
Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] by Candyespeon
Centuries [Springtrap X Reader]by Neige | Candy
Upon hearing the news that Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction was going to open, you had to take advantage. The merchandise has been going on for over 50 years now...
You're the Spring In My Step ~Yandere! Springtrap X Reader X Brandon~ by VilliansRule
You're the Spring In My Step ~Yand...by VilliansRule
Y/n L/n was a 18 year old who wanted adventure in her life. One night, Brandon (her boyfriend) and her go on the Fazbear Fright Tour. While there, Y/n experiences weird...
My dad is Springtrap (SpringtrapxChild!Female reader) by Laineyloulougirl12
My dad is Springtrap (SpringtrapxC...by Alice-angel
Y/n was abused by her dad after her mom died and she didn't wanna live with him anymore so he got rid of her to a pizzeria that had a person in there that would change h...
A Not So Fluffy Bun Springtrap x reader by littlemisshorror1987
A Not So Fluffy Bun Springtrap x r...by Littlemisshorror1987
You just got a job at the new Fazbears Fright. You were unaware of the horrors that were behind that locked door. (cover art [the picture in the back] made by me ^^)
Fnaf x f!Reader by Rainshark_storys
Fnaf x f!Readerby Rainshark_storys
A Collection of my Fnaf x Reader Stories Feel free to suggest characters and Topics! I will write for: - Fnaf 1 - Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, G. Freddy - Fnaf 2 - Toy...
Springtrap x Reader! by bloodstonepilots
Springtrap x Reader!by kylo ren
You were just a teenager (who is 18 years old or more if you want that :3) who is looking for a job on your laptop. You found Fazbear's Fright and you were hired when yo...
Secret Admirer [William Afton x Reader} by SPringlesBonnie
Secret Admirer [William Afton x Re...by SPringlesBonnie
William Afton x Reader [ Name ] has always admired Mr. Afton from the moment they found out about his work. Being an aspiring roboticist themselves they didn't understa...
My Little Garbage Bunny 3 (Springtrap X Reader) by StarryShodow23
My Little Garbage Bunny 3 (Springt...by StarryShadow23
You and Springtrap now live in a new world/dimension with the other animatronics called FNAF World. All the animatronics are really nice to you for a person who's got hi...
Wayward Soul In A Cruel World | SpringTrap X Reader | FNAF Fanfiction by PsychoFen
Wayward Soul In A Cruel World | Sp...by Fennai
Reader is supposed to be gender neutral, though there are gender assumptions. (This book was started in 2020, so do not expect the chapters to start off well. I've decid...
The Big Finale (Vincent x springtrap x reader) by Ven_betta
The Big Finale (Vincent x springtr...by I'm vibin
I've been stuck here all alone, no one to tell the things I know... well I guess, I am me, golden green, old machine, Cause Its Me! this is it! the big finale, but they...
Am I Alone? (Human!SpringTrap x Reader) || COMPLETE by ise7H47K1Desi
Am I Alone? (Human!SpringTrap x Re...by Bunty Joi
This is something I got in my head just now. Let me know if you liked. Also I'm really new at this stuff. It's about a girl that works at Fazbear Fright. She has to alwa...
Springtrap x reader the adrenaline  by DJTNT307
Springtrap x reader the adrenaline by DJTNT307
You are you little girl who's there a birthday was held at Fredbear family diner you gave spring trap and you a matching ring but soon enough The next day there was a ac...
fnaf 3 springtrap X reader (female) by RozyChis
fnaf 3 springtrap X reader (female)by Rozy Chis
you are a young woman who lives alone in a house. one day you went outside to get the newspaper, on top written big: "fazbears fright the horror atraction! looking...
Play With Fire; Springtrap x Male Reader by Shreeader
Play With Fire; Springtrap x Male...by Shree
"Insane, inside the danger gets me high Can't help myself got secrets I can't tell I love the smell of gasoline I light the match to taste the heat I've always like...
Human FNaF characters X Reader scenarios by slashmebaby
Human FNaF characters X Reader sce...by 🥀🔪maggot🔪🥀
This X reader isnt your typical X reader it has its twists, come join the fun its for everyone !!
springtrap x reader one-shot (Sequel for mechanical hearts) by Goldie_00
springtrap x reader one-shot (Sequ...by murdours_rabbit_simp
"Y/N? seriously? I just cleaned uppppp" after the incident at Y/N old job she brought the big robot home and after the confession the two clumsy beings started...
Springtrap X Reader [Springtrap and Deliah]  by CthulhuHasCome
Springtrap X Reader [Springtrap an...by CthulhuHasCome
this story take place in the comic book called Springtrap and Deliah made by GraWolfQuinn on deviantart, characters do not belong to me [obviously] the cover art is mad...