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Took you so long by happymilkshakeu
Took you so longby Milkshakeu
I started to like you for a long time. And yet I knew through your actions, you're already rejecting me. And so I stopped for a bit and think of things like "How am...
Sanjie, Aniah & Sander by zoooShaashaa
Sanjie, Aniah & Sanderby YouWrite
Sanjie, Aniah, and Sander share a history that began in childhood summers spent at their grandparents' homes. Aniah, the girl next door, formed a deep bond with cousins...
should i still love you by taeyah_9597
should i still love youby taeyah_9597
kaya ko pa kayang mahalin ka kaya ko kayang kalimutan ang sakit na dinulot mo sakin sana nga kaya ko
Mystic Journal by Eonnisarang
Mystic Journalby Kristina Ligaya
Mystiqua used to write a journal since elementary. She thought that writing your experience for the day, means something for tomorrow. What if that "something"...
Matar a Gotze by josemoreno78
Matar a Gotzeby José Eduardo Moreno
"Matar a Gotze" se trata de un loquito que va al Mundial de Brasil, ve la final en un Fan fest, y después de ahogar las penas en alcohol con un vino cábala &qu...
Terror at Moon's Ville by dibayn
Terror at Moon's Villeby Divine Montecastro Asaldo
*Prologue* Sunny Winters, her parents and Cloud Carlisle moved into a new house somewhere in the place of Moon’s Ville. The place was okay. The thing is: their house was...