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Beside You (Akira Sendoh Fan Fiction) by _akii_
Beside You (Akira Sendoh Fan akii
Human life is fragile. It is fleeting, but death is eternal. The price of a moment, the significance of memories, the roads we tread on under the sole azure sky, and th...
Ryoko Iwasaki I: Ryonan Ladies' Basketball Princess by RedKnight21K
Ryoko Iwasaki I: Ryonan Ladies' YugitoYaguraRoshiHanUtakataFu
Ryoko Iwasaki is a second-year player of Ryonan Ladies Basketball Team. She is an excellent ace player. Even though she is Akira Sendoh's girlfriend. She wore number 7 b...
Can You Keep A Secret? by sleepyscoops
Can You Keep A Secret?by lyn
Because secrets are more fun to share. Slam Dunk one-shot.
The Aces (Akira Sendoh x OC) by sevendosen
The Aces (Akira Sendoh x OC)by 🍋
Akira Sendoh and Kana Watanabe are considered "The Aces" of their respective teams, if not their sports. They're both attractive, competitive and they always a...
Rukawa Kaede: Kitty Collector by sleepyscoops
Rukawa Kaede: Kitty Collectorby lyn
A trip to Rukawa's house holds a surprise for the Shohoku basketball team! A Slam Dunk/Neko Atsume crossover. Random one-shot!
True Ace Player by kagamiuchiha25
True Ace Playerby Kagami Uchiha
The story took place during the events of Slam Dunk anime as the reigning Queen Team of Kanagawa, Kainan Ladies Team prepares their new challenge as new super rookie arr...
Daisuke Sakuragi: The True Genius in Basketball by RedKnight21K
Daisuke Sakuragi: The True YugitoYaguraRoshiHanUtakataFu
This is the story of Daisuke Sakuragi, a former junior high school basketballl champion who later joined the Shohoku High School Basketball Team. His main goal is to mak...
SLAM DUNK REBOOT: 001 Basketball Genius by RedKnight21K
SLAM DUNK REBOOT: 001 Basketball YugitoYaguraRoshiHanUtakataFu
Hanamichi Sakuragi is a genius basketball player who played for a strange middle school basketball team in Kanagawa. Later, he joined Shohoku Basketball Team and vowed...
Conquered the Nations: The Basketball Glory by kagamiuchiha25
Conquered the Nations: The Kagami Uchiha
The story took place after Shohoku Boys' basketball basketball team defeated Ryonan to secure the 2nd place for qualifying in the Inter High games. Naori Yazawa, a first...
SLAM DUNK: Girls' Basketball Team by kagamiuchiha25
SLAM DUNK: Girls' Basketball Teamby Kagami Uchiha
Inami Takahashi is a female basketball player who gained a nickname 'Basketball Genius Girl'. She was once lead Takeshi Junior High School Girls' basketball team to the...
Sakuragi the Ultimate Genius by kagamiuchiha25
Sakuragi the Ultimate Geniusby Kagami Uchiha
The story took place after Sakuragi quit Shohoku Team after his frustration in basic drills and jealousy of Kaede Rukawa and he decided to withdraw from Shohoku High Sch...
Varsity League Season 1 by kagamiuchiha25
Varsity League Season 1by Kagami Uchiha
Naori Sakuragi is a cousin of Hanamichi Sakuragi who is currently a member of Mazuda National High School Ladies' Basketball. Her story took place during the time Hanami...
Beauty in the Darkness, a Slam Dunk oneshot by sleepyscoops
Beauty in the Darkness, a Slam lyn
A Slam Dunk oneshot. Yet another rejection befalls Sakuragi, this time, by the love of his life. Will he fall into the dark depths of rejection? Or is there hope for Sak...
SAKURAGI 1: The Legend of the Basketball Genius by RedKnight21K
SAKURAGI 1: The Legend of the YugitoYaguraRoshiHanUtakataFu
This is the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi, a guy who dreamed to become the best high school basketball player in Japan. His story took place during his early days in high...
The Story of Hanako Sakuragi by kagamiuchiha25
The Story of Hanako Sakuragiby Kagami Uchiha
This is the story of Hanako Sakuragi, a close cousin of Hanamichi Sakuragi, who joined Shohoku Ladies' Basketball Team and becoming the rookie star player.
Inu Ga Daisuki! (I Love Dogs!) by sleepyscoops
Inu Ga Daisuki! (I Love Dogs!)by lyn
What do you get when you pair a basketball genius with an extremely active shiba inu? Lots of trouble, with a dash of romance!
Hoops: Basketball Level by kagamiuchiha25
Hoops: Basketball Levelby Kagami Uchiha
Kazumi Sakuragi is a super rookie of Shohoku Ladies Basketball Team who dreamed to become the next number one high school player in Japan.
Slam Dunk: National Glory by NarutoGenius
Slam Dunk: National Gloryby NarutoGenius
(My fanfictional Slam dunk anime story) The story took place during Hanamichi Sakuragi's first day in Shohoku High School even though he dreamed to lead Shohoku to Natio...
Keep You With Me by sleepyscoops
Keep You With Meby lyn
A Slam Dunk one-shot songfic. Airport goodbyes have never been more emotional, as Shohoku's ice prince Rukawa Kaede is about to experience right before he leaves for Ame...
CONQUERED THE NATIONS Unlimited Season 1 by kagamiuchiha25
CONQUERED THE NATIONS Unlimited Kagami Uchiha
The story took place after the year after Akagi and Kogure while Mitsui decided to stay with Shohoku Team for one more year as the vice-captain of Shohoku Team and he wi...