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After The Kissing Booth  by author_magnolia
After The Kissing Booth by Maggie
*Let's just pretend there's no tkb 2* Noah's gone to Harvard and Elle's left all alone in LA. The new kid Ethan is obsessing over Elle and Elle doesn't know what to do a...
Learn to Howl {Alex Vreeke | Jumanji} by fujihelexicon
Learn to Howl {Alex Vreeke | exceptional narcissist ✨
Connie was nobody, barely a background character in her peer's lives, so when she goes missing, no-one seems to care. However, she becomes trapped in the game Jumanji, i...
Second life ⇒ Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle by bubblereader3
Second life ⇒ Jumanji: Welcome 𝔹𝕦𝕓𝕓𝕝𝕖
"Don't worry, there's like a five percent chance you will have to save me." ♦︎♦︎♦︎ Our four high school students get sucked into a game, Jumanji. The become t...
Reason to live Eric draven love story  by ChloeSueStarkRogers
Reason to live Eric draven love MichaelMyersDaughter
"Suddenly I heard a tap as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door". "I thought police always said freeze?". "I love you Eric&qu...
Cursed by AvenLostaunau
Cursedby Aven Lostaunau
Shelly is a normal woman until she gets a cursed necklace each day she goes through changes
SEMPITERNAL | Brawl Stars X Reader Oneshots by OfStarGazing
SEMPITERNAL | Brawl Stars X 𝚜 ★༄ ‧₊˚
SEMPITERNAL → sem·pi·ter·nal /ˌsempəˈtərnl/ ↳ eternal and unchanging; everlasting. A COLLECTION OF BRAWL STARS X READER ONESHOTS. BRAWL STARS belongs to Supercell. © OfS...
Regional Travels 1 (Hoenn) (Male Reader x Pokemon) by DarkForceWhis
Regional Travels 1 (Hoenn) (Male DarkForceWhis
Y/N L/N or as his friends know him, Emerald, has a dream to travel to every region and get their gym badges or Z-crystals to one day display on one shelf in a place he c...
Jungle Life || A.V by Diddlebug1150
Jungle Life || A.Vby *•. H A V E N .•*
Life /līf/ •Noun• "The existence of an individual human being or animal. Including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change...
Brawl Stars x Reader One-Shots! by spittinstars
Brawl Stars x Reader One-Shots!by aly !
Well, this is a Brawl Stars x Reader! I've gotten into the game in the middle of December 2018 :)! More info will be in the chapters of this story. Enjoy!
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With Noah away at Havard Elle is not really looking forward to her Senor Year luckily she still has Lee. The Flynn house hold is about to be shaken up a little bit when...
🔥Jessie x Leon🔥 (High School Update) by Coceeemon
🔥Jessie x Leon🔥 (High School Coceeemon
[ Leon x Jessie HIGH SCHOOL UPDATE ] It's a Leon x Jessie story and an exciting one too. [⚠️WARNING: THIS STORY MAY CONTAIN SOME FLUFF⚠️] It's from Jessie's 9th birthd...
NOT THE FIRST KISSby Haruko Humioka
What if Noah wasn't Elle's first kiss.
The Masquerade Brawl by SK_Tiger
The Masquerade Brawlby Tiger Girl
Everyone in Brawl Town was excited. They were finally going to have the costume party they had planned. But when the brawlers were happily getting their skins ready, Cyr...
• | Adopted By Tyler Posey | • by nastyfish
• | Adopted By Tyler Posey | •by #TeenWolf
Being an orphan is hard. Especially when you don't remember the last time you were adopted. Kaylee has always dreamed of being with a family. She always imagined havi...
♡Brawl Stars Scenarios♤ by Just-Flair
♡Brawl Stars Scenarios♤by ☁️𝓢𝓮𝓴𝓽𝓪𝓼̌𝓲𝓬𝓪 ☁️
Just some dumb scenarios I make up in my head or read And these are not bf/gf ones ok-
Nita's City Life by SK_Tiger
Nita's City Lifeby Tiger Girl
Nita, unwillingly, was sent to school by Bo along with Leon, Jessie, Penny, Shelly, Colt, Brock and Bibi. Everyday, she faces off against school bullies, piles of homewo...
The kissing booth returned by xoxtashaxoxo
The kissing booth returnedby xoxtashaxoxo
Elle's super hot boyfriend has gone to collage how will she deal without him? And what will happen when there relationship gets pushed to the test? Read to find out. I d...
Brawl Stars: The Rubber Bandit by toastronaut
Brawl Stars: The Rubber Banditby toast
Colt, the Sheriff of Brawl Town, investigates the mysterious disappearances of several Brawlers. [Includes some light Colt x Shelly shipping for fun.]
The Grateful Girl - A Goosebumps/Toy Story 4/Forlot Fanfiction by Forlot_Forever
The Grateful Girl - A Goosebumps/ ~Mystery of Forlot~
What if Gabby Gabby never found a child to truly call her friend? And what if she and Slappy were related? And would you like if I stopped asking you questions? Shelly M...
Brawl stars headcanons by Mrukya
Brawl stars headcanonsby Mrukya is kil
Just mah headcanons ok ok these tags are crazy ok Please enjoy ok Thank you ok