Shadowfold Stories

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Say That You Are Mine - A Darklina Fanfic by newdaynewslay
Say That You Are Mine - A newdaynewslay
Baddie Alina and slightly better Darkling? What if Alina and stayed the night of the winter fete instead of running away? What if she had chosen the Darkling over Mal? W...
Dear Dahlia (Shadow And Bone) by celestlian
Dear Dahlia (Shadow And Bone)by celestlian
Dahlia, a Muslim Suli otkazat'sya, reunites with her estranged heartrender sister, Saida, after her and her parents receive an invitation to the Little Palace. Bitter t...
PHILOPHOBIA, the darkling by terrestrialrose
PHILOPHOBIA, the darklingby roe
after the creation of the shadow fold many stories began to swirl throughout ravka as to who might bring about its destruction most famously the sun summoner lesser know...
For Grisha, for Ravka (a Darkling prequel) by lostgirlriddle1926
For Grisha, for Ravka (a lostgirlriddle1926
"Go. Flee. Go west. Wait for the King to die. Then return with a new name. A nobleman's name. Bide your time until there's a problem only Grisha can solve. Then the...
The Shadow Assassin by zahramalfoy2
The Shadow Assassinby Zahra Faieq
It has been a week since the strong Sun Summoner defeated the Darkling and destroyed him. Or did she. Half of the world was wiped out from the Shadow Fold. The volcras c...