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KageHina Adventures by TheTrueShips
KageHina Adventuresby Sommer C.
It's simply a fanfic that I made with the help of friends about how Kageyama and Hinata, from Haikyuu, are "together". This idea formed in a text story late at...
Roleplay Rules  by Lirven
Roleplay Rules by _partialism_
This is a simple going over of my rules. Im not strict about them, but they help things flow smoother.
Characters by Lirven
Charactersby _partialism_
This is where I'll post the bios for my characters.
Who's the dom || Dekubaku English vers by Fafawn_
Who's the dom || Dekubaku Urdesire
Dominant with dominant Shouldn't be together But what if a mafia dominant wants to have fun with a serial killer who is also a dominant and put self-respect above all e...