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In Your Shadow by quilldrop
In Your Shadowby quilldrop
Spin-off to "The Marriage Law - A Slytherpuff Story" Ongoing
Champions - Book 4 in the Star of Gryffindor Series by Smile_its_Elli
Champions - Book 4 in the Star Elli
Book 4 in the Star of Gryffindor Series! After Wren Predatel was found alone in Hogsmeade after a large-scale attempted break in at Hogwarts, no one knew exactly what to...
The Spark {Book 5 in the Star of Gryffindor Series} by Smile_its_Elli
The Spark {Book 5 in the Star of Elli
The Daily Prophet Issue No. 101,770 3 July 2021 Lestrange: Model or Menace? After recent events at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it should not surprise re...
Littered With Stars {Book 7 in the Star of Gryffindor Series) by Smile_its_Elli
Littered With Stars {Book 7 in Elli
After facing disastrous consequences from her decision to rescue the children from Stillens' manor with only her friends, Astra Lestrange decides she's done letting peop...
Star of Gryffindor - Book 1 by Smile_its_Elli
Star of Gryffindor - Book 1by Elli
Astra Lewis is not normal. In fact, some would go as far as to say she's a freak. Strange things happen around her, things that no one can explain. But maybe she's not...
Saving Star - Book 2 in the Star of Gryffindor Series by Smile_its_Elli
Saving Star - Book 2 in the Star Elli
This is a sequel! To avoid spoilers to Star of Gryffindor, please read that before reading this! Astra Lewis and Albus and James Potter are back at Hogwarts, this time f...
Harry Potter One Shots by believeinMagic7
Harry Potter One Shotsby Cate x
What is love? A kiss? A smile? A word? Love is love, no matter the gender, age or relationship. Here you will find stories of friendship, family, and more than a litt...
The Second Generation [Percy Jackson AU] by downlittleCUPCAKES
The Second Generation [Percy ℒ𝒾𝓋𝒾𝒶
Book 3 of the PJO AU series! The Percy Jackson peoples have kids!!!!
The Rosalind Show (bnha second gen) by Bunny_Boo_uwu
The Rosalind Show (bnha second gen)by Kokomi’s biggest fan
Um- If you don't know who Rosalind is, read my ships asks books. These are just one shots of my ocs being chaotic with their parents and friends. Oh and Ships asks Rosa...
Is It Too Late To Say I Love You? by believeinMagic7
Is It Too Late To Say I Love You?by Cate x
'She stepped forward tentatively, and staring into her gorgeous face, he found he couldn't be angry with her any more. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, and tha...
Lost - (KamiJirou NextGen) SEQUAL by Xd_lol1234
Lost - (KamiJirou NextGen) SEQUALby XD lol
THIS IS A SEQUEL, THE PREQUEL TO THIS IS HERE: Ren Kaminari has found the truth about his parents, his dad...
The King's Daughter (NaLu) by KJStonestreet
The King's Daughter (NaLu)by K. J. Stonestreet
Lucy lives a happy but complicated life. When she decides to leave the Kingdom of Ice for her daughter and now lives to where it all began. The Kingdom of Fire. While l...
My Next Gen Oc's by HansenTheMan
My Next Gen Oc'sby Hansen
The full bios of my next gen children for my other book, My Hero Academia: The Next Generation Also the pictures in this aren't entirely accurate. I made them using Gach...
We Will Shine {Book 6 in the Star of Gryffindor Series} by Smile_its_Elli
We Will Shine {Book 6 in the Elli
Everything started 14th July. As a new year begins for Astra and her friends, they're all worried about the future. After a rough year, with shaky trust and suspicion...
I Remember  by Pipstar166
I Remember by .mono
Katsuki and Ochaco have a child named Tsuki (suki) Bakugou. Unfortunately she was born with short term memory loss (yes like dory shhhh). Her Quirk is 'gravity cloud'...
[My Hero Academia : 2th Gen] [Roleplay] by -Moon24-
[My Hero Academia : 2th Gen] [ Blue™️ (Sweetcake)
This is a second gen book where the OCs son or canon characters children will be the next heroes in line to protect people with their lives.
The last hero {Book 1} by Jayrobinwriting
The last hero {Book 1}by Jayrobinwriting
Melody Potter is not at all normal in fact she's the farthest from normal you can get. Lucky for her she grew up with a family of wizards and witches like herself. She i...
My Missing Angel (Omegaverse) (Book 2) by yourturntowrite
My Missing Angel (Omegaverse) ( Venti
Skip 100 years into the future Izuku Midoriya died young, from injuries. Shoto Todoroki couldn't bare life without his husband, and joined him as soon as his children no...
Mothers Day by soph_writes_stuff
Mothers Dayby Soph
A cute one shot about Mothers Day for the Weasley-Delacours
Writing Ideas (Separated by AU and Anime) - Lou R by iwishuweregay2
Writing Ideas (Separated by AU Lo R
Some ideas for fanfics I'll do in the future, I have so many! And since I wanna do all my ideas at the same time, I decided to do this, a book where I'll publish my idea...