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The New Male Alicorn Colt (Y/N)  in Equestria (My Little Pony) by TheMoonGaizer
The New Male Alicorn Colt (Y/N) Moony
A New Alicorn was Born in the Everfree forest. Nobody knew he was there..... Not even he knew Citys outside the forest existed Can he be brought to where he should be...
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Story : The Blue Devil by VileTheMandalorian
My Little Pony: Friendship is VileTheMandalorian
After Princess Cadence takes the throne of the Crystal Kingdom, she ends up finding a secret room of King Sombra, where he has secretly hidden something for thousands of...
Her Emerald Eyes by R0sa1ine
Her Emerald Eyesby Rosaline
Um... my first story on Wattpad. So might not be great. The story is about Rainbow Dash falling in love with Aj but there is a problem. Applejack lost all her feeling ye...
Sweet Apple Massacre - Alternate Ending by Sheaisawesome666
Sweet Apple Massacre - Alternate LilacSky
I wanted to save the CMC from the antagonist of the dreaded Sweet Apple Massacre, so here is an alternate ending. If you haven't watched Sweet Apple Massacre, please go...
Dance Fever by mimidaisy1661
Dance Feverby LoverofMusic
This is a collection of stories with my favorite OTP's. They all take place at the big Spring Dance at Canterlot High.
You Will Never Be Alone by MattDavenport4
You Will Never Be Aloneby Matt11
One Day When Scootaloo Is At Home Being Foalsat By Princess Twilight Something Terrrabo Happens To Her Mother While She Is On A Date
ScootaBelle: fine, fresh, and raw by talezofasadboi
ScootaBelle: fine, fresh, and rawby nosracenaik
This is a scootabelle fanfic.
Elements of Harmony by Titan826
Elements of Harmonyby Titan826
Twilight Sparkle moves to a new home and new school. She meets five girls who will join her on an adventure none of them ever thought possible. This story is part of the...
Prime Directive (Short Story) | Complete by MightyDragonsfire
Prime Directive (Short Story) | Saretha
Sweetie bot lives in the Everfree forest after an she discovers that she is a robot. It's been years now and she can't understand why she is growing like a normal pony...
The Rainbow Factory *ORIGINAL* by deadloxfanatic79
The Rainbow Factory *ORIGINAL*by not deleting- but inactive
DISCLAIMER- I do not own this story, all credit goes to Aurora Dawn (original song by WoodenToaster). I had noticed that the original fanfiction wasn't on Wattpad, so I...
+~After The Rainbow Factory~+ (TwiDash) by Rainbowfactoryfan34
+~After The Rainbow Factory~+ ( Rainbowfactoryfan34
After escaping the Rainbow Factory and defeating everyone in it, Twilight Sparkle finds out not everything is entirely over with frequent nightmares of Rainbow Dash comi...
Scootaloo and Shocker Part 2 by espios
Scootaloo and Shocker Part 2by espios
Last time the two heroes reenter the factory in Quartu where they saw Shocker's mother on the brick of death and found out Garchomp was targeting Scootaloo's home so now...
dimples. by dashie_skies
#13 𝔻𝕖𝕩🍄🫧
where dash sees her own reflection smiling at her. lowercase intended.
Scootaloo's life by i-love-pickachu
Scootaloo's lifeby i-love-pickachu
One day in pony vill a little Pegasus was born. It's name was scootaloo. She was a female Pegasus her mom and dad took good care of her. But they could not keep scoots b...
Fluttershy And The Glass Horseshoes by 123982wpsstudentus
Fluttershy And The Glass Horseshoesby Jayalover
A shy pegasus filly is treated cruelly by her awful step family. But when she meets a draqoniquis prince at a ball one night, she might find the brave pony inside her an...
Mlp party of one by -foxythefox-
Mlp party of oneby Foxy the pirate fox
Hi! Wanna have a party with me? If you refuse and say something rude to me.... I will force you to come!. -dis-honestapplejack
MLP: Payback by Mystico_
MLP: Paybackby Mystico_
Apple Bloom decides to tell on Sweetie Belle for breaking a flower pot at recess and Sweetie Belle wanted payback and she knew Apple Bloom was very ticklish so, why not...
My Little Pony One-Shots by SansysGirl
My Little Pony One-Shotsby PhanderGirl
Here are some One-shots from the TV series,My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. If u have any requests,PM me or comment. I hope y'all like them!
[COMPLETED]Flutterdash  by CodyShaw2
[COMPLETED]Flutterdash by PikachuLover1279
The athletic pony, Rainbow Dash, is a pony who wins at everything, and is loyal to all her friends. The shy pony, Fluttershy, who is really kind, and loves animals. What...
Crossing Fates: A Gundam/MLP FiM fanfic by JohnKohles
Crossing Fates: A Gundam/MLP FiM SkyHeart
My name is Chōwa Sinclair. I am a young human adult that was eager to test a new Gunpla by logging into GBN (Gunpla Battle Nexus) only to get warped to a colorful pastel...