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Protection (anakin skywalker) by anakinnn_
Protection (anakin skywalker)by anakinnn_
Princess Rosie Amidala is Senator Padme Amidala's sister. After several attacks on the senator and princess the king and queen agreed to add a new way of protection. A J...
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home 🪐 anakin skywalker by finnmikaelson
home 🪐 anakin skywalkerby ˗ˏˋ fleur ˎˊ˗
"clinging to me, like a last breath you would breathe, you were like home to me." in which anakin skywalker finds his way home to the only girl that ever felt...
To The Hilt ➵ Anakin Skywalker by jackieburkharts
To The Hilt ➵ Anakin Skywalkerby hail 🤍
❝ i still keep one broken piece. the one that fits the chip in your shoulder. ❞ A wedding brought them together. Love tore them apart.
anchor | anakin skywalker by IndomableDon
anchor | anakin skywalkerby IndomableDon
[book one] following the event's of Attack of the Clones, Colben and Anakin find themselves falling into the welcoming grasp of a rapid romance that would prove to last...
𝗠𝗘𝗟𝗔𝗡𝗖𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗬  | Anakin Skywalker by lampsarelights
𝗠𝗘𝗟𝗔𝗡𝗖𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗬 | Anakin lampsarelights
Two Jedi thrown into a war far too young, with a burden far too great. A war filled with betrayals, death and heartbreak. But if you looked closely you could find friend...
Loving Perfection (Anakin × oc) by Lovely_foxygirl
Loving Perfection (Anakin × oc)by Lovely_foxygirl
Zaniyah Kryze was the perfect Jedi. She was the youngest Jedi ever to become a master, and is the 13th member of the Jedi Council. She tried to follow all the rules, b...
Memories by Ecape7
Memoriesby Ecapé
"She was right there ... in my arms ... dying." Two years have passed since Anakin Skywalker's mother died, and Anakin is struggling to focus on the present wh...
Revenge of the Sith Alternate Ending (An Anidala FanFic) by bekasbookobsessed
Revenge of the Sith Alternate Grace
What if Anakin realized that Palpatine was lying only after Order 66? After choking his wife, fighting his master, and killing countless Jedi? "It's over Anikan...
Second Chances by Janeisha73
Second Chancesby Thranduil's Girl
Luke had just held a funeral for his redeemed father, the whole galaxy was celebrating their victory! Luke was saddened he never knew his father or knew him as a good ma...
All the Colours of the Rainbow by Ecape7
All the Colours of the Rainbowby Ecapé
Hello! As stated on the cover, this a collection of one-shots! It'll probably start off as Star Wars one-shots and might possibly morph into one-shots from other fandoms...
Eternal ~ Anakin Skywalker ~ by TheNightwisher
Eternal ~ Anakin Skywalker ~by Brittany Andre
e·ter·nal /əˈtərn(ə)l/ adjective~ Lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning. (of truths, values, or questions) valid for all time; essentially unchanging. &q...
Dreams by Ecape7
Dreamsby Ecapé
They say dreams come true. But that's Anakin's worst nightmare. **This is book no. 2 in my series, The Sting of Time! No. 1 was my book, Memories. You can read this book...
#Starwarsgeek by fxnxtics
#Starwarsgeekby Yasmin
Wir ihr bestimmt schon erraten habt, bin ich ein riesen Star wars Fan und ich dachte mir, dass ich mir gute Bilder für euch raussuche und auch Videos. Lustig, sweet, fac...
Choices by Ecape7
Choicesby Ecapé
"I have a choice in this matter. And I choose to save you - no matter what." **THIS BOOK IS NUMBER 3 IN MY STAR WARS SERIES, "Sting of Time," SO IF Y...
Anakin and His Angel: What Should Have Been by Padme_N_Amidala
Anakin and His Angel: What Brianna
What if Padmé didn't die? Find out my version of a Star Wars Prequel AU when you read Anakin and His Angel: What Should Have Been. Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, al...
THE BEGINNING OF THE END,, star wars by roguesmoon
" i wish to be like you, seen as something great, not only continuing my blood's work. but you failed me, you failed me terribly, and now you have to pa...
When Hope Returns (Part One) ✔️ by Skywalker15
When Hope Returns (Part One) ✔️by ✨Sara Wingfeather✨
"My name is Anakin Skywalker and I, the Chosen One, destroyed the Jedi. I turned to the dark side. I am now a Sith. The very thing I swore to destroy." . . . W...
Darkness Reigns 《an Anidala fanfic》 by bekasbookobsessed
Darkness Reigns 《an Anidala fanfic》by Grace
Anakin beat Obi-Wan on Mustafar, and now is determined to use his new powers to keep Padme from dieing. But she is not in love with Lord Vader, she is in love with Anaki...
YOUNG GODS (Anakin Skywalker) by anakinnn_
YOUNG GODS (Anakin Skywalker)by anakinnn_
"Do you feel like a young God? You know the two of us are just young Gods..." Arabella Starlight was taken from her family as a very young child to be a Jedi...
Lord Vader by Star_Wars_Fangirl_
Lord Vaderby ᴊᴜʟɪᴀ
"You were the Chosen one! It was said you would destroy the Sith, not join them!" - - - Anakin Skywalker, the protector of the Galactic Republic, the Chancello...