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The Infamous Mr Clarke by Ruth-Hulme
The Infamous Mr Clarkeby Ruth's Works
My first murder mystery book, with a hint of romance and spy thriller. In this 1930's romp, a mystery unravels as a daring couple of tourists get a shocking impression o...
Spurs! by FeebeeMac
Spurs!by FeebeeMac
Anna Shaw could not have imagined what was about to befall her relatively peaceful and content life. Unbeknownst to her, powerful yet decidedly maniacal ex-husband, fas...
Alfonso Picasso by AEDarrowby
Alfonso Picassoby A.E. Darrowby
325 words. An excerpt: "The next morning, on the Northern Line, a flash-mob of fourteen jumped onto Alf's tube carriage at Tufnell Park Station - all of whom were d...
13 Centimeters by HunterWeeks57
13 Centimetersby Hunter Weeks
A sexual exploration of Zootopia.
Hell Sent by lesliejarvis
Hell Sentby Les Jarvis
A retiring postman travels to Hell to deliver a letter to Satan.
Two Welsh Girls on the Loose: Episode One: "In Search of ..." by AEDarrowby
Two Welsh Girls on the Loose: A.E. Darrowby
OPENING PARAGRAPH: Three weeks guesting under the so called roof of Silas the Survivalist was quite enough, thank you very much. I mean, just how much freeze-dried beef...