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Desire C.B by britswriting
Desire C.Bby Brit
It was only a kiss, how did it end up like this? Sequel to Unbroken * Started on: June 13th 2022 Ended on: January 20th 2023
Little Swan Discontinued by itsbubblesman
Little Swan Discontinuedby Bubbles
in which Bella swan has a little sitter. twilight and new moon, Eclipse, breaking dawn part 1 #4 in imprint 07/17/18 #1 in romance 02/23/19
The Forbidden Apple by Carlykinz
The Forbidden Appleby CarlyCheers ♡
What if Gianna Martello is not just Abby's assistant she is The oldest of Abby's 3 daughters? What if she falls in love with a certain young man who happens to be the so...
Nightmare After Christmas by mylittlehedgie14
Nightmare After Christmasby mylittlehedgie14
We all know the story of the Nightmare Before Christmas, when Jack tried to steal Christmas, Oogey Boogie tried to destroy Sally and Santa. Jack saves the day and he liv...
Starfire X Raven [Possible Writing Again ] by cupcake_2233
Starfire X Raven [Possible Cupcake 223
Starfire meets raven after 6 years after leaving the teen titans.
Shadaze: The flaming cherry blossom. by thewolfwhocriedgirl2
Shadaze: The flaming cherry Maisy the Wolf
The Sol dimension has fallen into chaos and despair under the vicious rule of newly crowned Dr. Eggman Nega. Former queen Blaze the Cat has lost everything, including he...
Between Us by Jovannastyles
Between Usby Jovannastyles
Hey guys,well this is my first story being posted on wattpad. This story is mainly about love,money,fame and revenge.Fortunately the part 1 has been stolen so I can only...
Clock Strikes Twelve by liveurdisneymoment
Clock Strikes Twelveby liveurdisneymoment
Just a short poem/lyric about getting swept off your feet at a dance. Hope you enjoy it! Please vote and comment if you like cause I'd appreciate your feedback. :) <...
Gone by in_my_0wn_w0rld_
Goneby Vasiliki
Just a short story I wrote while I was bored one night. Hope you guys enjoy it!
I'm Nikki maxwell by daira2005
I'm Nikki maxwellby daira2005
It's about this girl name Nikki and she has a crush on this boy named Brandon and Nikki goes to a new school until she finds pain in the but girl
In Love by LittleLove339
In Loveby Charity Feuston
A story about two people who love each other, but one of them loved way to easily and way too much and the other was bad but the other one loved that. Lovers Names Rosie...
Fame by cannedtrash
Fameby jay—
{ F } - Vivian Boyer pursues her opportunity to become famous after a chance of a lifetime is offered to her by a famous child star and model, Alexander Hams. - Fame by...
Amadrya's Match by ecstasyduhh
Amadrya's Matchby ecstasyduhh
Best friends, turned lovers thanks to a sleepy kiss and confession. A kiss crumbled her world, and a vision broke her walls. A rejected lover turns sour, and a country w...
Poetic Beat by annkyutee
Poetic Beatby Ann De Leon
All the contents of this book are originally made by me.
Fall4you by oliv7897
Fall4youby oliv7897
When Rosie moves too a new school all she can do is worry; until she meets schools bad boy jake . Although everyone warns her about him she just can't keep away. Both of...
My AttemptAtABoook by geekface303
My AttemptAtABoookby geekface303
This's my 1st atempt at an book. please let, me know what'cha think
To Die Or Not To Die by Charlie-1967
To Die Or Not To Dieby Charlie-1967
Two young teens sides on life. Alice is the star cheerleader and student body president in her junior year. Her mother recently pasted away in car accent and her dad has...
Air lost love by Julii3xx
Air lost loveby Julii3xx
Nicole took a year off from school to work and enjoy herself. That year, she met Victor. They dated for 3 months. But all good things must end. Victor had a requirement...